19 December, 2022

Laura Pardo: “it is at the showroom where the purchase decision is made”


INSCA’s Director of Design and Projects, Laura Pardo, explained good practices for the refurbishment of a tile showroom and building materials exhibition at the Opportunities and Challenges of Professional Distribution Conference.

At the conference organised by Cevisama and Andimac in Madrid on Opportunities and Challenges for Professional Distribution, our director of the Design and Projects department, Laura Pardo, gave a presentation on the display of construction materials.

Laura Pardo , directora de Proyectos y Diseño de INSCA en las jornadas de Andimac y Cevisama
Laura Pardo has a degree in Industrial Design Engineering and more than 20 years of experience in the sector. 

Pardo began her speech by referring to how exposure influences the purchasing decision. “The purchase decision is made in the unconscious and emotional part of our brain, so it is important to know how to conquer that part of the mind that is in the primary, primitive or reptilian brain”, she pointed out.

Thus, in the brief introduction of neuromarketing applied to the exhibition of construction materials, Pardo highlighted the importance of the visual, the environment and the first impression to conquer the unconscious of consumers who are responsible for making the purchase decision. “We have less than 10 seconds to make a positive impact on customers”.

He then focused on how to start the renovation of a tile and building materials showroom, the phases it has to go into one of the most important topics: good practices in the transformation of a showroom or point of sale.

The value of the product changes depending on how you present it

Tile showroom stands

Precisely, in the section on good practices, she offered a whole series of tips that are interesting to take into account to improve the economic results in an exhibition of construction materials.

For example, the designer referred to how to plan the design of an tile showroom and construction materials taking into account circulation flows, how to group products by typology, where to display novelties and trends or why tile and sanitary ware displays have to be functional, both in their handling and in the exchange of pieces.

Plano de zonificación de una exposición de materiales de construcción

Aid for refurbishment, the focus of the conference

The conference was opened by Carmen Álvarez, director of Cevisama, who announced that the fair has 8 pavilions, one of which is dedicated to sustainable construction.

For his part, Sebastián Molinero, director of Andimac, said that the Next Generation funds for rehabilitation aid are expected to be executed in large part between 2023 and 2024. “We have looked at the German model, when it created the figure of the energy advisor in the materials chain, bringing together the climate sector and the distribution sector and that they have been the ones who have led the commercial process,” he stressed..

The next speaker was Carlos Caballero, Director of Commercial Energy, who focused his speech on consultative selling. Sandra Barañano, head of training at ESVEC, explained what the new school for ceramic salespeople, created in collaboration with Ascer and Andimac, is all about.

Carlos Caballero en la jornada

The round of speeches was closed by Oscar Sánchez, from Apliqa, with his presentation on the challenge of attracting and linking professional customers. This was followed by a debate on channel risks and commercial transformation with the Next Generation funds as the protagonists.

Lorena Rodriguez