14 February, 2024

Customised design and guaranteed quality in ephemeral architecture projects for Cevisama


Leading companies in the construction materials sector have trust INSCA for the manufacture of stands for Cevisama 2024.

At tile, bathroom and building materials trade fairs, standing out is not an option, it is a necessity! At INSCA, with more than 45 years of experience in customised display solutions for ephemeral architecture projects, we know how important it is for your products to be the main protagonists at your stand for materials fairs such as Cevisama.

In this sense, large firms in the sector have opted for INSCA to design and manufacture their ephemeral architecture projects with a customised style that reflects their essence and enhances their presence at the event that will take place from 26 February to 1 March.

Montaje de stands para azulejos para Cevisama 2024

Our team has been at Feria Valencia to assemble stands for tiles, bathrooms and construction materials in record time since 5 February. In addition, we offer our clients the dismantling service, which will start on the 4th of March.

Thus, at INSCA we offer solutions that make our clients’ products take centre stage at industry events. And we do this by going beyond the conventional standards of the presentation of building materials.

The trust placed in INSCA is based on our ability to understand and translate the identity of each brand into a unique design that captivates visitors. Here are the elements we take into account.

What services do we offer for your ephemeral architecture projects?

At INSCA, our mission is to help our clients increase their sales and their presence at trade fairs with the excellent presentation of their products in custom-made stands. To achieve this, these are the services we offer:

  1. Study of the best exhibition solution to present your construction materials.
  2. Catalogue with more than 1000 different references in display furniture.
  3. More than 150 professionals in architecture, engineering, interior design, carpentry, assembly… at the service of your business.
  4. 2D and 3D proposal with the best display solution to optimise your space and apply excellence in the presentation of your materials.
  5. Technical development of furniture and customised systems.
  6. Logistics and international shipments.
  7. Installation and assembly anywhere in the world.
  8. Spare parts service at all times.
  9. Premium materials and raw materials based on sustainable wood with FSC, PEFC and ISO 14001 certification.
  10. Quality guaranteed with the ISO 9001 certificate.

In short, at INSCA we take care of the entire project of your stand, from the design to the final assembly. We want our clients to enjoy the experience of selling and to do so with the security of trusting INSCA.

INSCA, empresa líder en expositores de azulejos, en Cevisama 2024

Stands in harmony with the branding of brands

Visual coherence strengthens the brand image. Each stand reflects the values and identity of the brand represented. From the selection of premium materials to the layout of the space, at INSCA, everything is designed to convey the unique essence of each company and capture the attention of the target audience.

An example of this can be found in the stands that our team is setting up at Feria Valencia for Cevisama 2024. When it comes to materialising them, we have used colours and patterns in accordance with the branding or brand of each client.

Diseño a medida y calidad garantizada en proyectos de arquitectura efímera para Cevisama

In addition, at INSCA, we take advantage of every square centimetre to ensure that materials are presented in a clear and accessible way with, for example, our tile displays. Our aim is to create an environment that invites exploration and discovery to maximise opportunities for interaction and sales for our customers.

At INSCA we create building exhibition stands that go beyond the conventional. We draw inspiration from the latest trends in ephemeral architecture and innovate in every project. From geometric shapes to unexpected details, we seek to surprise and excite visitors to create unique experiences.

Trends in ephemeral architecture at Cevisama 2024

In a constantly evolving sector, we apply ideas and techniques that allow us to offer our clients projects at the forefront of design and innovation. From the incorporation of interactive technology to the creative use of lighting.

At INSCA, we have witnessed the application of emerging trends in ephemeral architecture projects for building materials fairs. At events such as Cevisama, we have fused creativity with adaptation, creating stands to display tiles that not only reflect the objectives and values of our clients, but also surprise and generate positive emotions in the audience.

Lighting has emerged as a crucial element in our designs, with a particular focus on direct, accent and coloured lighting to highlight products and create captivating atmospheres in the stands. In addition, we have seen a growing trend towards open structures and the inclusion of large format boards, seeking to provide a more accessible and visually appealing experience for visitors.

At INSCA, we offer comprehensive services that adapt to the needs of the market and guarantee the sustainability of the materials we use. Our commitment to innovation positions us as experts in creating unique experiences that maximise our clients’ success at these events.

Stand space allocation for materials trade fairs

The layout of the space is a fundamental aspect that influences the effectiveness of the stand in attracting the attention of visitors, highlighting products and promoting interaction with the brand. Here are 5 key points to consider:

  1. Clear zoning: The stand space should be divided into clearly defined zones for different purposes, such as product display areas, demonstration areas, meeting areas and social areas.
  2. Efficient traffic flow: The design should take into account the traffic flow of visitors and ensure that they can move easily through the space without congestion or obstacles. Aisles should be wide enough to allow several people to walk comfortably at the same time.
  3. Strategic focal points: Identify and create zones where you can highlight your flagship products in high-traffic areas that are visually appealing.
  4. Product display: Organise product displays in a way that makes it easy to see and explore different items. Use technical benches for single pieces such as our Minimal or drawer units for ceramic flooring such as those found in our Box series.
  5. Meeting and networking areas: Include designated areas where visitors can meet with representatives of your brand, discuss projects and establish business contacts.

In short, a well-planned and executed space layout on a building materials trade fair stand facilitates interaction with visitors by highlighting products and strengthening the brand image.

Social areas: more than a space, an experience

Modular stands for construction events are not only places to showcase products, but also spaces to connect and socialise. That’s why we pay special attention to creating welcoming and engaging social areas, where visitors can relax, interact and share experiences.

These areas are designed to be versatile, offering spaces for both active interaction and quiet reflection. From open areas for socialising to more intimate nooks and crannies for private conversations, they seek to meet the diverse needs and preferences of visitors.

In addition to being functional, these areas are an extension of the brand identity. Subtle but effective branding elements, such as corporate colours, discreet logos and materials that convey the essence of the brand, are integrated to reinforce the emotional connection with visitors.

In conclusion, social areas in an ephemeral architecture project are much more than physical spaces; they are zones of interaction and emotional connection. By designing these areas with attention to detail and a focus on the user experience, brands can create a unique environment that strengthens their presence.

Stands for trade fairs as exhibitions of materials

At INSCA, we know that ephemeral architecture projects for tile fairs such as Cevisama 2024 are not simply static structures, but authentic exhibitions that have to capture the essence and innovation of our clients. Therefore, these dynamic spaces are a tangible manifestation of the creativity, vision and commitment to excellence that characterise our team.

Every stand we design and build is an opportunity to tell a story, to immerse visitors in an emotional and sensory journey that goes beyond mere product display. We strive to create immersive experiences that spark curiosity, inspire the imagination and generate a lasting connection with the brands represented.

From the layout of the space to the selection of materials and the integration of cutting-edge technology, we seek to surprise and captivate our visitors with every interaction.

Customised design and guaranteed quality in ephemeral architecture projects for Cevisama

Ultimately, every construction trade show booth we work on is an opportunity to challenge the boundaries of creativity and innovation, to explore new forms of expression and to redefine the norms of construction and design display.

Our commitment to quality, originality and attention to detail is reflected in each of our projects, from the simplest designs to the most elaborate installations. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, capture their vision and realise their dreams in ways that exceed their most demanding expectations.

Irene Delgado