11 March, 2024

Download our material showroom projects magazine


We present Living design showrooms, the new inspirational material showroom projects magazine. Download it directly here.

At INSCA we present the first edition of our magazine Living Design Showrooms. A publication in which we offer you inspiration for your material showroom projects based on success stories and current trends. Download it directly from the link below and start transforming your retail space into a high-value one as soon as possible.

From product organisation strategies to how to optimise every square metre of your display, this material display project magazine is an invaluable tool for those who want to increase their business sales through excellent material presentation.

Download the magazine

Download our material showroom projects magazine

Inspirational magazine for material showrooms projects

In our first issue we want to inspire and offer practical solutions to distributors, manufacturers, professionals and enthusiasts of design, architecture and building materials display to create an excellent presentation of materials to help them increase sales.

Through the detailed explanation of current projects and trends in tile, bathroom and building material exhibition design, we aim to provide you with a guide to drive creativity and excellence in the presentation of your products. What will you find in the magazine?

  1. Great success stories for your display.
  2. The best strategies for presenting materials.
  3. Corners as a solution for partial refurbishments.
  4. Decalogue of good practices in exhibition.
  5. And much more!
Exposición de materiales de construcción

In this sense, over several pages, you will find some of the projects we have worked on at INSCA. From comprehensive projects such as Geotiles in Vila-real, projects designed by architects such as Roca in Chicago or Chafiras in Tenerife, corners such as TAU Cerámica in Macedonia or Woodpecker for the exhibition of parquet, to customised stands for efficient systems such as Saltoki e-solar in IFEMA, Madrid.

You will also find the displays for construction material shops from our catalogue that we have incorporated in each of the projects. From sliding tile display stands to tile, bathroom and construction material display shelving.

Download the magazine

Know-how backed by more than 45 years of experience

At INSCA, our goal is to help our clients increase their sales with an excellent presentation of their products. To achieve this, behind each project we have a multidisciplinary team of almost 200 professionals in architecture, interior design, engineering and logistics, among other trades, working to materialise each of our tile, bathroom and building materials showroom designs.

We also offer an international logistics and assembly service. Our team travels anywhere in the world to ensure optimum results.

On the other hand, we are committed to sustainability. Aware of our environmental impact, we incorporate renewable energy and sustainable timber at every step.

We want our customers to enjoy the experience of selling and to do so with the security of trusting INSCA. Because when it’s INSCA, it shows.

Download the magazine

Irene Delgado