17 April, 2024

Visit our showroom with the novelties in displays for building materials


Discover our latest novelties in displays for construction materials by visiting our showroom, contact us and book an appointment!

At INSCA we have a showroom with the displays for building materials from our catalogue. We have designed this 600 m2 space to create an immersive feeling so that our customers can immerse themselves in the operation and quality of our display solutions, as well as imagine how they will look in their exhibition.

Visit our showroom with the novelties in displays for building materials

Located in our facilities in Almazora (Castellón), visit us to see first-hand from our most classic models such as the sliding tile display for London tiles to our latest novelties such as the Woodlook series of display units for laminate, parquet and vinyl flooring.

Innovative solutions and displays for building materials

State-of-the-art product presentation and display is evident in every display system we offer at INSCA. From the elegant modular designs of Tubestile to the displays for large format Pisa Slimshow and Book Slimshow that majestically house large ceramic slabs, each solution has been created to emphasise and celebrate the uniqueness of the product.

The Kansas sliding display for displaying different formats, with its minimalist design, and the Arredobagno series with modular technical systems for sanitary ware, taps and bathroom accessories, exemplify INSCA’s ability to lead the way in the innovation of display systems for building materials. Each display, such as the Multi Tiles, is a showcase of the flexibility and adaptability of our solutions, allowing our customers a unique and bespoke selection experience.

novelties in displays for construction materials by visiting our showroom, contact us and book an appointment!

Unique features of the INSCA showroom

The design of the showroom is a testament to INSCA’s ingenuity and vision. The staircase rises as the central axis from which the different display areas of the building material displays in our catalogue are born.

Thus, with a light and functional structure, it rises to the second level, connecting not only two physical spaces but also merging concepts of design and functionality. The ceramic flooring, reflecting the light and visually enlarging the space, extends throughout the area, unifying the different showroom environments in a continuous tapestry.

The use of bronze glass in the railings and the accompanying micro-cement adds a dimension of contemporaneity and structural strength, underlining INSCA’s commitment to a design that is both timeless and modern. Each corner of the showroom has been designed to be both a statement of intent and a tribute to Mediterranean style, reflecting an architecture that is functional, beautiful and always true to the brand’s philosophy. An example of what we at INSCA are capable of when it comes to building materials display design.

Our showroom extends over a space of 600 square metres, meticulously designed with an aesthetic that fuses Mediterranean and contemporary style. Natural elements take centre stage in the interior design. A visual harmony is created that evokes our trajectory and invites contemplation and discovery.

Every element, from the soft curves that break the monotony of the straight lines to the colour palette that borrows the browns and greys of nature, has been carefully selected to create a setting that pays homage to beauty in its purest expression.

The choice of elements such as wood and polished concrete is no coincidence; each has been selected for its ability to create an atmosphere of elegance and modernity. Light, natural and artificial, has been carefully planned to highlight textures and surfaces, offering an enriching visual experience.

Details and quality with more than 45 years of experience

The values of the brand, quality and attention to detail, are conveyed in every inch of our showroom. The choice of colours, the arrangement of the wooden slats, and the use of microcement not only establish an atmosphere of tranquillity and well-being, but also serve as a backdrop to highlight the superior quality of the products on display. Each display is a work of art in itself. They are designed to present materials and tell a story of dedication, precision and care in design.

Visitors are immersed in a world of innovation and cutting-edge design, interacting with over 1000 references that represent our promise of excellence and leadership in the world of tile, bath and building material display systems.

Irene Delgado