26 February, 2024

INSCA presents at Cevisama the new Woodlook laminate display series and the new Ceramoteca UP!


The different exhibitors for large format, technical areas and laminate display are the main focus of the offer that INSCA presents at the stand: N2-P2-B41.

We opened the doors of the INSCA stand at Cevisama this morning and the response from visitors has been very positive. One of the great advantages of coming to our stand is that our team offers personalised advice to achieve excellence in the presentation of materials.

At INSCA we care about every detail and offer the best experience. In this sense, people interested in exhibition solutions for displaying wood, laminates and parquet can ask the INSCA team for our exclusive catalogue. You will find us at our stand located at N2-P2-B41.

Ceramoteca Low, new compositions in the series UP!

At INSCA we have presented one of the new compositions of the Ceramoteca UP! series at Feria Valencia. These display solutions are an innovative fusion of shelving and technical bench that facilitates interaction with the products thanks to its functional design, low structure and non-slip surface.

INSCA presents at Cevisama the new Woodlook laminate display series and the new Ceramoteca UP!

In addition, like the rest of the technical shelving in the series, it maintains a solid and firm metal structure, capable of supporting a lot of weight and tiles with a maximum thickness of 12 mm. These solutions allow the display of different small format dimensions in a reduced space, including special geometries.

In this sense, INSCA’s design and technical office team is always in step to design display furniture for the ceramics sector that follows market trends, is functional and meets the needs of its customers.

Displays for large format

Large format slabs are one of the most demanded options nowadays. For their display, we have developed different display units, among which you will find at our stand at Cevisama, the following stand out:

  1. Composition 150 from the Multi Tiles series: multi-format tile display unit for displaying pieces of different sizes in the same unit.
  2. Denver: Sliding display unit for large format tiles. It has double-sided panels and you can choose the height of the unit in the configurator on our website.
  3. Pisa Slimshow: Display for slabs with a sliding system. It allows the display of large format tiles.
  4. Pisa Slimshow Polivalente: Display for large format tiles of different heights. It includes a sliding system to facilitate and guarantee the display of the products.
  5. Spring: Furniture for displaying tiles in a reduced space.

All INSCA furniture stands out thanks to its metallic structure that guarantees the firmness and support of the samples, while maintaining a light style. Thus, the display is reduced to the minimum expression to highlight the spectacular nature of the tiles.

Woodlook Series: Wood, Parquet and Laminate display serie

At Cevisama 2024, we present the Woodlook series. A set of display solutions that merge simplicity with sophistication in presenting wood parquet, vinyl flooring, and laminate flooring. If you want to explore this range of displays, you’ll find us at our booth located at N2-P2-B41.

Crafted with lacquered iron and melamine, these display solutions highlight the beauty of the showcased materials by minimizing their structure, allowing the product itself to take center stage.

With a minimalist and elegant design, the Woodlock Collection offers a perfect platform to showcase the warmth of wood, the versatility of vinyl, and the durability of laminate. Ask our team about the exclusive catalog.

Displays for Various Materials and Formats

At INSCA, we create display solutions for the excellent presentation of tiles, bathroom fixtures, and any construction material. In each of the displays in our catalog, we apply an attractive and functional design while prioritizing organization and safety.

Here are the displays you can find at our Cevisama 2024 booth located at N2-P2-B41:

  1. Colorado: Rotating tile displays, allowing vertical and horizontal viewing. As a functional piece of furniture, it can also be used to exhibit other materials. For example, at our booth, you’ll find it as a display for shower trays.
  2. Londres: Our classic sliding tile display, now serving as a display unit for doors.
  3. Rhin: Drawer unit for displaying flooring, with 11 trays plus the top.
  4. Ceramoteca UP!: Technical shelving for displaying loose pieces.
  5. I.RIS: Intelligent and digital system that allows customers to visualize the final environment based on the physical sample from the display.
  6. Arredobagno UP!: Modular technical systems for displaying sanitary ware, faucets, and bathroom accessories.
  7. Technical Bench UP!: Technical bench for displaying loose pieces.

In conclusion, at INSCA, we help our customers increase their sales with the excellent presentation of their construction materials. We’ll be delighted to assist you at our booth at Cevisama located at N2-P2-B41.

Irene Delgado