2 July, 2024

How does the design of materials exhibitions have to be to make your clients fall in love with it? 


At INSCA we have a design department to advise our clients on their projects of the design of materials exhibitions.

You have only a few seconds to create a positive impact on your customers when they arrive at your building materials showroom. It is during this short period of time that the human mind tends to form a first impression. If you manage to capture their attention and, in addition, offer an excellent experience in your showroom, then you are virtually assured of a sale.

¿Cómo tiene que ser el diseño de tu exposición para enamorar a tus clientes?  

The success of a showroom depends on many factors, but there are two that will be decisive: the type of product you sell and the way you present it.

Achieving an excellent presentation of your materials is the result of a combination of analysis, strategy, creativity and expertise to optimise your space to the maximum and generate an excellent experience in your showroom.

At INSCA, we have a department specialised in the design of tile, sanitaryware and material displays. Our team analyses in detail your space and the type of product you sell to create the best proposal for your business.

How do we optimise the display space?

A clear example of this procedure is the exhibition design project in 2D and 3D that we have done for one of our clients and that you can see in the following images.

proyecto de diseño de exposición en 2D y 3D

In this case, we are in front of a 1 100 m2 showroom to display tiles, large format, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. The client was looking for an elegant, functional and innovative showroom that would capture the essence of the brand and its products to offer an exceptional shopping experience while respecting the architectural structure of the building.

proyecto de diseño de exposición de azulejos en 2D y 3D

How did we achieve this? Our work begins with an initial study of the available space, the typology of materials and the aesthetic preferences of our client. From there, we get down to work so that you can visualise the first proposals.

Dynamic layout of the display of materials

The customer experience is crucial to close sales, so we have designed a dynamic and strategic layout to guide visitors through the exhibition in a fluid and attractive way. In this context, we have focused on turning the entire showroom into one large temperate zone, where each area complements the next.

Thus, we have carefully planned the arrangement of materials and the layout of the space so that visitors can intuitively navigate the showroom right from the entrance.

How does the design of materials exhibitions have to be to make your clients fall in love with it? 

In this aspect, we have incorporated an elegant reception area with a backlit two-workstation counter and wood finishes, accompanied by a drummed partition at the back that the client can tile with large format pieces from their collection.

In addition, we have included rest areas, efficient work areas and personalised service spaces, ensuring comfortable and effective interaction with customers throughout the exhibition. For example, we have created different types of commercial work tables, from private to auxiliary and large, as well as more relaxed spaces with sofas and armchairs, following a modern design line.

Diseño de exposición de azulejos, baño y materiales

Are there display solutions for any types of products?

The answer is yes. In this building materials showroom design we have zoned the space into five large areas with different types of display solutions: bathroom fittings and accessories, spa pools, outdoor ceramics, small format ceramics and large format tiles.

In the sanitaryware and bathroom accessories section, we have chosen to incorporate bespoke modular technical systems from our Arredobagno UP! series, adapted to the firm’s natural and modern aesthetics. For example, we have added an accessory to the Milan Wall technical wall to display shower columns, a bathroom wall tile displays.

accesorio para exponer columnas de ducha

On the other hand, we have designed display units for taps with two volumes at different heights to create attractive compositions. For sanitary ware, backlit over-walls, for accessories of the year, we incorporated double-sided rotating panels, and personalised environments that allow visitors to imagine how the final product would look in a more authentic way.

 exponer piscinas de spa con soluciones expositivas a medida

As for displaying spa pools, we set an area for this product with natural elements such as vegetation and stones to reflect tranquillity and serenity, as if it were a real space. In addition, we took advantage of this space to dedicate the nearby areas to similar product typologies such as ceramic tiles for terraces and outdoors.

expositores para exponer piscinas

For the presentation of the large format, for example, we have opted for our Open XL 24+3 large format tile display. This wing rack tile display has 24 sliding panels and three fixed panels with a height of 2.4 metres.

All in all, displays for building materials and tile displays stands are functional and allow the unique characteristics of each product to be highlighted.

Display capacity

One of our biggest challenges is to make the best use of the available space. We optimise the use of space to ensure optimal display capacity by displaying a wide variety of products in an organised and attractive manner.

For this case, we implemented a design of ambiences to display ceramics and sanitary ware with sliding displays integrated into the furniture throughout the showroom, divided by product typology, such as wood, flooring and exteriors.

ambientes para exponer cerámica y sanitario

On the other hand, in the ceramics area, we use our Maxi Tiles multiformat display, accompanied by ambiences to achieve a unification of the different areas, to create a technical area that facilitates interaction with customers and work with plans and samples. Thus, we use sliding displays for tiles to maximise the number of samples without sacrificing accessibility.

We also added totems and tiling panels up to the ceiling to give the space width and visual continuity. How did we make even more use of the space? We have used the walls of the showroom to place the displays and we have distributed the rooms in the centre.

ambientes para exponer cerámica y sanitario

How have we integrated the latest display trends?

At INSCA, our design team combines the latest trends in interior design with the aesthetic preferences of our clients to create exhibitions that make them fall in love. In this case, every detail, from the reception to the work and exhibition spaces, is designed to be functional and attractive.

Expositores para grifería

  1. Double-height central space: To make the most of this space, we have included mini stands with wooden beams and pillars to provide warmth.
  2. Display solutions where it is easy to change the product: In this same space, we have integrated several sliding display stands to display tiles of our classic London model and environments to display ceramics and sanitary ware.
  3. Open concept to differentiate the different display areas: We have separated the sanitaryware and bathroom accessories area with an arched structure to hide the pillars of the building while respecting the architectural structure.
  4. Green areas to bring freshness and naturalness: By adding potted plants or vertical gardens throughout the exhibition we created a natural experience. An invitation for visitors to explore, discover and relax.

Concepto abierto para diferencias las diferentes áreas expositivas

In short, at INSCA, we design building material displays that not only showcase products in an organised way, but also inspire, boost sales and make visitors fall in love in 10 seconds. Contact us to transform your exhibition space into a unique and effective experience.

Irene Delgado