11 November, 2021

The 10 trends in tile displays


Tile displays have evolved over time. They are no longer spaces in which people simply place tile display units, they have now become the soul of a building materials manufacturer or distributor.

The current trends in tile displays are focussed on generating an excellent buying and selling experience.

Bear in mind that your visitor will make a value judgement about your company in just ten seconds.

Therefore, you don’t have much time to project the best version of your company from the moment the customer comes in through the door.

Here at INSCA, we are aware of the importance of creating displays that generate sales. Currently, we can say that 100% of our customers sell more after placing their trust in us. How have we achieved it? With our Know-how, backed up by more than 40 years of experience.

However, in this post, we don’t want to talk about ourselves. We want to tell you about the trends in tile display that are most successful so you can also have a profitable showroom.

The 10 tile display systems that work best

As we have already mentioned, the current trends share the same objective: to generate a good buying and selling experience. To do so, it is important to connect with the customer from the very beginning, ensure the journey is pleasant and strategic, that all of the products are well organised and displayed, and that your sales team work comfortably, among other things.

The key to achieving it is to know how to combine the different solutions for displaying tiles. Below, we summarise the systems that work best:

1. Fixed or self-supporting ambiences

The tile background is what makes people fall in love with any display. In a small space, your customer will be able to visualise the end result of the combination of your tile collections.

With that in mind, we want to give you some tips: it is important to recreate spaces in accordance with the use of the product you are going to display, without the décor taking away the spotlight from the tile.

That way, you will be able to convey the feelings you are looking for so that your customers identify them immediately.

The ideal situation? To create different types of background, both for residential use and commercial or contract use, for example.

In terms of residential, the trend is to offer comfort, so an option that combines more neutral and warm tones will be perfect. However, in terms of contract, the aim is to create an impact, so you can use more daring and risqué solutions. 

One of the main advantages of the tile display ambiences is that it enables you to recreate one of these spaces so that your customer can see the end result. And the other advantage is the versatility to display, given that you can include decorative furniture covered in tiles (one of today’s major trends), or you can even recreate a work of art in the background itself (another of the current big interior design trends).

Tile display ambiences can be fixed or self-supporting. If they are fixed, at INSCA we always make them to measure and tailor them in line with our customer’s brand values. For example, in the Geotiles showroom, we have ensured each element of the space is a tile background in itself.

On the other hand, our catalogue features the Tubestile series formed by separate islands and compositions that we intersperse with sliding displays, like Londres and Roma.

The tile display units from the Tubestile series are self-supporting and tubular. That way, we achieve display units that are lightweight and easy to assemble, with a contemporary and modern design where the spotlight shines entirely on the product.

2. Multi-tiles display units

The multi-size display units were practically launched onto the market by us and, nowadays, they continue to be extremely popular.

The Maxi Tiles, for example, is one of INSCA’s bestsellers. The big advantage is its versatility since you can display different sizes of the same or a different collection in one panel.

The Utah Multi Tiles is one of the latest models we have added to our catalogue. It is a light and elegant multi-format tile display that allows you to see the tiles in full.

The Roma Multi Tiles, Londres Multi Tiles or Denver Polivalente are other examples of multiformat displays, although in this case they are sliding.

Another display unit for multi-size tiles is the Kansas H 6P. This is one of the models from our Slimshow series. Simple and elegant, the pieces are attached at the base on a discreet sliding structure.

The same series includes the Circus and the Book Circus, both circular tile displays, which are multi-size and very original.

3. Large size

Large sizes are gaining ground in the ceramics industry. Huge slabs that measure more than three metres have become the norm in tile displays. To facilitate their display, at INSCA we have developed various display units for large tiles in which the slabs remain perfectly fixed.

INSCA’s specific display systems for large panels are the Kansas, the Maxi Tiles and the Denver. Also available are the XL series ceramic displays.

4. Technical areas

Technical areas are a real classic in the study of architecture and interior design, and they are becoming more widely used in manufacturer or distributor displays. They are formed by work benches and tile libraries that encourage interaction with the customer to visualise the final result of a tile layout or its combination with other materials.

Here at INSCA, we have several series. For example, in terms of technical benches, I Nostri Banchi maintains a more classic line, while the UP! pursues an industrial and contemporary style.

If you are interested in tile libraries, you can look at the series of the same name to see the different layouts and modules that can be combined. In addition we have created the UP! tile library to match the UP! bench and the new Tile Library, that we presented at Cersaie 2021.

5. Technical tile display walls

Technical walls with samples of different sizes have become one of the most trends in tile displays in the last year. They allow you to make the most of the space available and display a large number of samples in a small area.

With this tile display system, you will be able to show the different textures and finishes of your collections, and allow the customer to compare them with each other.

Technical tile display walls can be custom designed, but as a standard solution we have the Milan Wall. It is versatile and you can easily change parts without changing the entire wall.

6. Small size

Although the large size is a trend that is here to stay, we must not forget that small tiles are still in demand.

If you are interested in the exhibition small size, we recommend you take a look at our tile displays from the Complementos series, the Milan Wall or the tables to display the full range of products.

7. Overlapping volumes

This is one of the most current trends in tile displays. These are bespoke compositions that we create for our customers’ showrooms or stands from overlapping volumes.

That way, we create fixed backgrounds with unique shapes, sometimes backlit, that add personality to any space.

8. Exclusive display units for wall and floor tiles

We can’t admire tiles in the same way if we see them horizontally compared to seeing them vertically. For that reason, at INSCA we have always worked hard to create units that make displaying tiles easier, depending on whether they are wall or floor tiles.

It is therefore important to have units that allow people to see the item in accordance with its type. For example, draw units or revolving units like the Nevada model are ideal for flooring display.

9. Revolving panels

There are several types of revolving panels. The most common over the last year have been the vertical fixed panels and the revolving panels to view flooring.

In the INSCA catalogue, you can see both models. The Totem Giro from the Slimshow series is an example of a vertical fixed model with the option to display up to two different pieces that revolve on the same base.

On the other hand, we also have the classic Colorado from the Complementos series. This is a flooring display for different sizes with a structure that facilitates its rotation for the piece to be positioned horizontally.

10. Bespoke solutions

This is the perfect solution if you are going to open a showroom, need to renovate the one you have or create an area to offer new sizes to your customers.

In this case, at INSCA, we design a bespoke solution for you depending on the type of material you sell, the size, typology, space available and your brand’s personality.

As soon as you approve the design, the project goes to our technical department to develop each solution and prepare it for manufacturing. We have a 24,000m2 production and logistics plant where we work with both iron and wood. Once ready, our in-house team will install your display.

You can see different bespoke tile display projects that we have designed and/or manufactured at INSCA in our Projects section.

One of the trends that are gaining most ground in comprehensive projects is in considering space as everything. That way, we ensure all of our tile display solutions integrate naturally and enhance your brand’s connection with the customer.

We take advantage of every centimetre squared to ensure your visitors fall in love within those first, and most important, ten seconds. We take care of creating a bespoke display to show the best of each of our customers: show your best.

We hope you found our post about the 10 trends in tile displays interesting. If would like more information, you can contact us any time. We will be delighted to assist you!

Lorena Rodriguez