20 January, 2022

INSCA will reduce its electricity bill by 40% thanks to solar energy


In 2020, solar panels will be installed on the buildings with a surface area that will cover 7000 m2.

INSCA will be more sustainable from 2022 thanks to the new solar energy installation that will be situated on the roof of the building. “The aim is to reduce our electricity bill by 40% thanks to the self-consumption system with the generation of photovoltaic energy”, explains the group’s CEO, Pascual Ibáñez.

Hence, the installation will have a power of 333 kw, capable of producing 474 887 kwh/year of solar energy. Thanks to the panels, “here at INSCA we will achieve an energy saving of 67% and will reduce CO2 emissions by 91 600 kg/year”, he notes.

Ibáñez has highlighted that, with this new investment, the group is taking a step further in its commitment to the sustainability of the planet. “At our company, we have a recycling system by product type and our wood-based raw material comes from sustainable forests, and from this year, we are strengthening our commitment to the environment with the generation of clean energy”.

The installation of the panels on the roof of the factory has already started and is expected to be completed in the first half of the year.

Lorena Rodriguez