24 November, 2023

5 keys to zoning your building materials showroom


Discover how to elevate the customer experience and increase sales through strategic zoning. The secret to connecting with your visitors and creating an immersive experience, we explain the keys below!

Imagine a building materials showroom where every corner tells a story, where products are presented in an ordered and grouped way. This is what your shop could be like. Give your customers a positive experience.

5 claves para zonificar tu exposición de materiales de construcción

Make your customers fall in love with your products and increase your sales with our tile display design ideas! At INSCA, leaders in display solutions, our 45 years of experience precedes us.

What is zoning in a building material showroom?

Zoning is about intelligently organising your products to guide your customers through comprehensive solutions that perfectly suit their needs and, in turn, inspire them.

5 keys to zoning your building materials showroom

In other words, at INSCA we know that zoning is much more than physical divisions; it is the magic of grouping products with related purposes to tell a compelling story. In turn, zoning also influences the buying decision of your customers. Visit our catalogue and choose the building material shop display that best suits your business needs.

1. Beyond physical divisions

Why limit yourself to simple divisions of space? The real zoning lies in the narrative you build by grouping products together. Imagine a zone highlighting trends in bathroom tiles or a section that inspires in the choice of building materials?

So rather than simply organising products into physically separate sections, use the layout of your items to tell a visually appealing story. In this case, instead of simply displaying kitchen tiles in one area and building materials in another, create sections that not only group your products by type, but also communicate a specific message or theme.

Imagine a tile section that not only showcases your products, but is designed in such a way that your customers can visualise how those tiles might fit into different bathroom styles or how they fit into different designs and trends. Thus, a visit to your showroom becomes an educational and visual experience.

2. Meaningful grouping

In every corner of your showroom, the grouping of products becomes a statement of intent. From showcasing complete bathroom solutions to the perfect combination of materials for each project, each grouping tells a unique story.

Therefore, the first step in zoning is to define the characteristics by which you should arrange your products. For example, if you display ceramics, you can divide the space into different sections for polished, porcelain, wood or glazed. Our ceramic displays such as the Chicago V 90 or Colorado are perfect for this.

Other examples

  1. Green outdoor materials corner: Create an area dedicated to sustainable outdoor materials such as treated wood, natural stone and recycled options. In addition, include an area for energy-efficient products where you present products for the benefits they bring to your customers.
  2. Complete kitchen solutions zone: Showcase complete sets of kitchen materials, from worktops to taps and cladding, displaying combinations to suit different kitchen styles, such as modern, rustic or industrial.
  3. Lighting space for ambiences: Groups together lamps and lighting solutions for indoors and outdoors, highlighting the versatility and impact they can have on the perception of spaces, from ambient to functional lighting.
  4. High-strength building materials zone: Showcases robust and resistant materials, such as reinforced concrete, structural blocks and steel, focusing on their durability and specific applications in construction projects.

In short, meaningful grouping means organising your products so that each section tells a coherent story and suggests possible applications or combinations for your customers.

3. Themed experiences

Transform your showroom into a themed journey that inspires your customers. Why not group products according to specific lifestyles or needs? From the practicality of bathroom design to the versatility of outdoor materials, each theme offers a unique experience that sparks creativity.

For example, you could design sections that represent different lifestyles or needs of your customers, with the aim of creating an immersive experience that inspires your customers and helps them visualise how these materials might fit into their lives and projects.

  1. Functional bathroom design: Showcase practical solutions for small or functional bathrooms, featuring tile sets, faucets and accessories that maximise space and efficiency. Take a look at our Arredobagno UP! series, where you will even find displays for shower trays.
  2. Outdoor materials area: Highlight materials for terraces and gardens, displaying pavements, coverings and decorative elements that are resistant to the elements. If you are just presenting them in this area, you can’t miss our Outdoor series, tile display units for outdoor display with weather resistance.
  3. Technological innovation in construction: Present cutting-edge materials and construction systems, such as advanced insulation, integrated home automation systems and intelligent materials.

Ultimately, the key here is not just to group products together, but to create an immersive experience that inspires your customers and helps them visualise how these materials could fit into their lives and projects.

4. Consistency as a key element

Effective zoning is all about consistency. The way you group your products not only inspires, but also guides your customers through comprehensive solutions that fit their needs.

Therefore, it is about ensuring that the layout of your collections is not only visually appealing, but also aligned with the narrative you want to convey. At INSCA, we know that if you maintain a coherent structure to the grouping of your materials, you can influence the reptilian brain of your customers:

  1. Help your visitors navigate your shop easily. By grouping products in a logical and related way, you provide them with a natural guide to find what they are looking for.
  2. It conveys a message of organisation and care on the part of your company. This makes your customers feel more confident.
  3. Increase cross-selling opportunities. Your customers may discover complementary products that they had not initially considered.

Therefore, consistency in zoning is not just about visual layout, but about creating a unified and logical experience for your customers, which can significantly influence their perception and purchasing decisions.

5. Zoning, a strategic tool

It is much more than a visual presentation. Strategic zoning maximises the impact of your products by displaying them in contexts that make them irresistible and practical for your customers.

For this reason, consider the variety of materials you offer and design a display that highlights each product in an attractive and coherent way. You can do this by using displays for each type of material. For example, if you want to display flooring, we recommend our solutions from the Box series.

“Zoning is not limited to the physical arrangement of your products, but aims to transform the exhibition space into an immersive experience. It seeks to create environments that not only showcase materials, but inspire and engage your visitors in a meaningful way.”

At INSCA we develop creative and functional solutions to highlight each type of product to highlight its unique characteristics and generate visual appeal, from marble display stands to sanitaryware display stands.

In conclusion, use the zoning and grouping of products in your showroom to transform it into an immersive environment that tells a coherent story. In this way, you maximise the impact of your collections by displaying them in contexts that make them compelling and practical for your customers, thus encouraging an understanding of their applications and possibilities.

Coherence, emotional connection and the creation of a narrative through the intelligent grouping of products are the fundamental pillars of this zoning strategy, all with the purpose of enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales in a holistic way.

At INSCA, we understand zoning as the art of storytelling through intelligent product grouping. Turn your showroom into an immersive and memorable experience for your customers – contact us!

Irene Delgado