19 May, 2023

Why is the purchasing decision made at the exhibition?


You have 10 seconds to impress your customers when they enter your construction materials exhibitions and make them buy before they leave. Here are some tips to appeal to the reptilian part of your consumers.

The construction materials exhibition is the direct point of contact with the customer and the key space that allows you to make a positive emotional impact that can lead to a sale. In this sense, you need to grab your consumers’ attention in just 10 seconds to make them fall in love with your products. How can you achieve that?

You have to conquer your customers’ reptilian brain because it is the unconscious mind that determines the purchasing decision. Therefore, reaching the primal brain in just 10 seconds will guarantee an increase in your sales.

The reptilian brain and neuromarketing techniques

The reptilian brain is related to attention and rapid processing of sensory information. In the context of advertising and marketing, strategies are used that appeal to the senses and capture attention quickly and emotionally, leveraging the brain’s most primitive mechanisms to influence purchasing decisions.

Emotions and impulses play an important role in our buying decisions, and the reptilian brain is key in generating and regulating these emotional responses.

Erik du Plessis, author of the book The Advertised Mind, states that it is the primal brain that is responsible for quick decision-making in our minds. Therefore, you need to understand the mechanisms that drive this part of the mind to increase sales in your construction materials store with a good tile exhibition design.

The stimulus-response mechanism

The amygdala is more influenced by beginnings and endings. That is, from the moment the customer enters your exhibition until they leave or finish their buying process. Therefore, the beginning is the first impression, while the ending is the memory that remains of the experience they have had.

Thus, this part of the brain comprehends what is tangible, physical, concrete, and familiar to it. Here are the stimuli that affect this unconscious state.

  1. It is self-centered. It primarily cares about the survival and well-being of the individual. The home, as a personal and protective space, is of utmost importance to a person. Therefore, when designing your construction materials exhibition, you must consider how you can satisfy your customers’ needs and desires regarding their homes, providing them with solutions that allow them to create a space that reflects their identity and provides them with security and comfort.
  2. Tangible. The reptilian brain is driven to avoid pain and seek pleasure, with a greater sensitivity to avoiding pain. Tangible products and solutions that offer clear benefits and avoid problems or inconveniences are more attractive to the primal brain. By knowing your customers well and understanding their needs and concerns, you can offer them concrete solutions and communicate how your products can help them.
  3. It prioritizes the beginning and the end. The first impression your customers have when entering your exhibition and the memory they take away at the end of the visit are crucial aspects. You must ensure that the environment, design, and presentation of products in the first few seconds of their visit create a positive emotional impact. Additionally, providing exceptional and memorable service is important so that customers leave with a positive experience that reinforces their purchasing decision.
  4. It is visual. The reptilian or amygdala brain is directly impacted by the visual design and presentation of your products and exhibition. Make sure that the construction materials are presented attractively, with clear and visually appealing displays that show how they look and how they can transform spaces. The visual design should effectively communicate the benefits and value of your products as this will have a greater impact on the mind than the price.
  5. It responds to emotions. The primal brain is strongly influenced by emotions. The experience that your customers have in your exhibition, the interactions with your team, and the service they receive will generate emotions that influence their purchasing decision. It is important to create a welcoming atmosphere, provide personalized service, and show empathy towards your customers’ needs. The positive emotional connection you establish with them will foster a greater predisposition to buy and remember your business favorably.

In summary, to make an impact on the primal mind of your customers at your construction materials exhibition, you need to focus on satisfying their personal needs and providing tangible solutions that avoid pain and generate pleasure. You must create striking visual contrasts, make a positive first impression, and leave a lasting memory at the end of the experience.

Visual communication, attractive design, and the generation of positive emotions through an exceptional experience are key to influencing your customers’ purchasing decision. At INSCA, we can help you achieve this by offering design, ambiance, and visualization solutions that create a lasting emotional impact on your customers with our tile store displays. Contact us!

5 strategies to evoke emotions in your customers’ reptilian brain

At INSCA, we know that the value of a product changes depending on how it is presented. That’s why we have our own design team dedicated to studying the part of your customers’ brain responsible for the purchasing decision. Here are the aspects we take into account:

1. Atractive design of a tile showroom

We create a showroom design that is visually appealing and stimulating. We use warm colors, interesting textures, and appropriate lighting to create welcoming and pleasant environments. We create temperature-controlled areas, provide spaciousness, and include display solutions for each type of material, such as marble displays or floor tile displays.

2. Sensory ambiance with tile displays

We use elements that stimulate the senses. For example, we recommend incorporating soft music that creates a relaxing atmosphere, subtle scents related to wood or construction materials, and tactile samples that allow your customers to interact with the products.

At INSCA, we have our ceramic exhibition environment, Isla Corner 240×120, which includes radiant flooring with a heating system so that your customers can touch the tiles and feel their warmth.

3. Interactive demonstrations

We recommend organizing interactive demonstrations to allow your visitors to experience the products firsthand. For example, you can show how to install a laminate floor with the help of a tile rack display. This hands-on experience triggers positive emotions such as enthusiasm and satisfaction when visualizing the end results.

Furthermore, you can include our intelligent and digital I.RIS system, a tile display. With this system, customers can visualize the final environment based on the physical tile sample on the display. This way, you directly engage with your customers’ reptilian brain.

4. Showcase completed projects

We suggest displaying photographs or videos of completed construction projects that have used the materials available in your store. These images can help customers visualize how they can transform their own space and evoke positive emotions associated with home improvement and personal satisfaction.

5. Thematic spaces

We create thematic spaces within your store that represent different areas of the home, such as a kitchen, a bathroom, or an outdoor entertainment area, with our tile display furniture.

These spaces can be attractively designed and decorated to inspire your visitors and allow them to visualize how the materials would look in a real context with ceramic tile display systems. This can generate emotions related to comfort, happiness, and the desire to improve their own spaces.

In this regard, you can create themed spaces with our Tubestile series. A set of ceramic ambiences and tile displays that allow you to showcase distinctive spaces divided by themes. We can also customize your entire exhibition with appropriate ambiance according to the type of product you sell.

In conclusion, the goal is to evoke positive emotions and establish an emotional connection in your customers’ reptilian minds from the moment they enter your store. By creating an attractive environment and providing pleasant sensory experiences, you generate a response and create a stimulus that awakens the primal part of your consumers’ minds. This can be achieved by incorporating flooring displays or bathroom wall tile display.

Tips for making a good impression in 10 seconds with tile displays

Nowadays, there is a wealth of information about construction materials available on the internet. Therefore, when customers decide to visit your store, they already have a clear intention to make a purchase. They need to see and experience the products firsthand.

Thus, the moment they enter your store or exhibition, you have 10 seconds to capture and enchant them. Here are some tips to conquer them:

  1. Cleanliness and organization: Customers feel more comfortable and confident in a clean and organized environment. It makes it easier for them to find what they’re looking for and navigate the store to make purchasing decisions. Additionally, a well-organized store conveys a professional, well-cared-for image of quality, which can build trust and increase overall satisfaction. Furthermore, keeping aisles and display areas free of obstacles reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.
  2. Product arrangement: A place for everything and everything in its place. Organize your products by categories to facilitate your customers’ purchasing decisions. It also helps you utilize the available space in your store more efficiently. Therefore, use tile displays, display furniture for flooring, display solutions for construction materials, or functional bathroom display systems for each product. You’ll find a wide variety in our catalog.
  3. Lighting: By strategically using well-placed lights, you can focus on specific areas and products or highlight important details of the construction materials. This allows you to direct your customers’ attention to the aspects you want to showcase the most. Depending on your brand image, you can play with lighting to convey a sense of quality, modernity, or elegance. Lastly, proper lighting facilitates your visitors’ navigation in your store.
  4. Diverse product range: It is beneficial to encourage cross-selling so that your customers don’t need to go elsewhere to purchase what they need. For example, strategically organize your store to display related products together. By placing complementary items nearby, you increase their visibility and the likelihood that customers will consider buying them together. In this aspect, if you sell sanitary ware, sinks, and bathroom accessories, you can apply this concept with our Arredobagno Up! series.

In conclusion, at an exhibition of construction materials, it is crucial to capture attention and evoke emotions in the reptilian brain of customers to influence their purchasing decisions. Effective organization, appropriate lighting, attractive design, and presentation of related products are key to achieving this. By providing a positive and emotionally appealing experience, the likelihood of customers making a purchase and becoming loyal to your store increases.

At INSCA, we understand the importance of reaching your customers’ reptilian mind and capturing their attention in just 10 seconds. Our goal is to help you achieve this through our display solutions. Simply contact us, and our team will provide you with personalized attention!

We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and solutions to conquer your consumers’ primal brain and increase your sales. We will work with you to create an attractive, exciting, and memorable construction materials exhibition or store that leaves a lasting impression on your customers and motivates them to purchase your products.

Irene Delgado