30 November, 2023

Trends in ephemeral architecture for upcoming materials fairs


Building materials fairs are an opportunity to transcend the boundaries of design and creativity. The synergy between ephemeral architecture and innovation is reflected in each project, nourishing experiences that drive the next trends in the manufacture of stands.

Tendencias en arquitectura efímera para las próximas ferias de materiales

At INSCA we have been able to prove this with the stands that we have materialised for our clients at Cersaie 2023. The essence of innovation lies in the fusion of creativity and adaptation, where each project is customised according to the specific objectives, target audience, available space and budget of our clients.

Functional and emotional interior design

At INSCA we know that each client has unique goals when participating in tile, bathroom and building materials trade shows. Whether it’s highlighting products or creating memorable experiences, our customised stands are a combination of both.

The stand design is the first impression visitors will have of your brand at every event. So, with the stands we have produced at Cersaie, we have used eye-catching colours and patterns, in tune with our clients’ values in order to grab the attention of potential customers.

The incorporation of unexpected design elements could not be missing at this fair either. Following the interior design trends, we have been able to see that people like to show the places they visit. Thus, we have strategically incorporated mirrors in some ephemeral architecture projects with the intention of surprising.

Our passion for innovation drives us to offer customised solutions that are perfectly adapted to our clients’ needs. In addition, we drive sales by providing strategically designed stands to captivate customers and maximise sales potential.

Stands are perfect for generating emotions

A well-designed ephemeral architecture project can create a memorable and positive experience for visitors. Exhibition stands for the ceramics sector are perfect for creating emotions such as surprise, curiosity, admiration or inspiration.

In the Cersaie stands we have materialised, every element is carefully designed and thought out to captivate and create an immersive experience for visitors. One of the clearest examples is the winner of the award for best stand.

Trends in ephemeral architecture for upcoming materials fairs
The design of the Azuvi stand is by architect Pablo Alonso Nomdedeu, and we have been in charge of manufacturing and assembly.

In this case, the design plays with geometry to divide it into two zones. In other words, the structure of the stand is fragmented and curved to form an accordion that envelops different exhibition spaces. On one side, the exhibition area, a dynamic, semi-circular space, and on the other, the outdoor area, a place for collectivity and relaxation.

The design of the Azuvi stand is by architect Pablo Alonso Nomdedeu, and we have been in charge of manufacturing and assembly.

Every detail conveys the brand’s values. The result is an immersive exhibition that awakens the senses and emotions of visitors. Thus, through innovative display solutions, customers embark on a journey to discover the brand’s values and novelties accompanied by a Mediterranean and natural style.

At INSCA, we see ephemeral architecture projects as more than just exhibitions; they are testimonies to our ability to transform any material and transform any form into tangible realities.

Interactive technology and active interaction

On the other hand, technology can be a tool to attract visitors’ attention by generating emotions such as surprise or inspiration. At INSCA, for example, we have worked with brands that have incorporated touch screens, tablets or interactive projections in their stands.

Light effects in exhibition stands

Luminosity is a vital narrative in ephemeral architecture. The stand interior designs we have worked on this year at Cersaie confirm the transcendental impact of direct lighting in these projects.

That is, our clients have presented new ceramic collections in which the slabs have unique textures and inks that require specific lighting to enhance the material effects of each piece. In this way, light becomes more than a source of luminosity; it is the framework that defines and enriches the visitor’s experience.

Iluminación general y de acento

For example, the application of general lighting embraces the space and is a useful source to provide uniformity and create a welcoming atmosphere. In this case, we have used general spotlights on the ceilings of the stands.

On the other hand, accent lighting is another essential option for stands for tiles. Directional accent lighting highlights specific elements to build an immersive atmosphere. At INSCA we have applied them with LEDS wallwashers to provide perpendicular and zenithal light respecting the brand values of each of our clients at Cersaie.

Coloured lighting and indirect light

And finally, the incorporation of coloured lighting and indirect light is key to highlight products and create captivating environments to invite visitors to explore and be amazed. In this sense, we have incorporated different lighting systems, as can be seen in the following images, with different tones, saturations and intensity levels to create atmospheres, visual effects, enhance objects or spaces.

One of the solutions we have opted for, in several of the stands for tile fairs, has been the use of indirect lighting to give the products displayed in showcases or panels the prominence they deserve. We have placed LED light strips on the upper or lower parts of the wall panels of the stands.

Stands with open structures at construction fairs

The customised stands we created for Cersaie 2023 have given us a glimpse of where ephemeral architecture is heading. The trend has been the rise of open-plan stands, offering a more realistic and accessible perspective for visitors.

One of the examples is our own stand, where from the outside visitors can get an idea of what they can find inside. And not only that. In addition, we included a technical bench to display tiles from our Minimal series directly on the outside of the stand.

The intention is therefore to invite visitors to enter the stands without encountering any kind of obstacle, such as a completely opaque structure.

Incorporating large format tiles in ephemeral architecture

Large-format tiles are the new trend in the ceramics industry. Such is the demand for this product that they are the most popular tiles at trade fairs in the sector. For this reason, when incorporating them into an ephemeral architecture project, it is necessary to think about how to present them in an attractive and original way.

In one of the stands, for example, we created curved corridors covered with large-format panels in which, accompanied by indirect and accent lighting, we created an immersive experience, according to our client’s specifications.

In this sense, the distribution of the space has to be designed so that visitors can observe the panels in their entirety. Another recurring request is to achieve this through large-format tile displays such as our Slimshow or Multi Tiles series, in which the products become the undisputed protagonists.

In short, our customised approach, taking into account objectives, audience, space and budget, has been the basis for designing and realising attractive and functional trade fair stands. This combination ensures that each one of them generates a unique experience aligned with the objectives of our clients.

What services do we offer in exhibition stands?

At INSCA we offer our clients to develop the integral project of their stands and we do so by applying the exhibition strategies of the moment:

  1. We take care of the design, manufacture and assembly of the stand.
  2. We have our own assembly team that travels to the different international trade fairs to guarantee the best results.
  3. The ephemeral architecture projects we carry out are unique and functional, focused on improving sales at trade fairs.
  4. We study market trends and look for the best way to display products in each of the stands for tile and bathroom fairs.
  5. We apply market intelligence, value engineering and innovation in tile display systems to our display solutions.
  6. We demand the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) seals from our suppliers to guarantee the sustainability of our raw materials.

At INSCA we are experts in creating customised stands that effectively incorporate all these elements to maximise your success at trade fairs such as Cevisama, Coverings or Cersaie. Contact us and find out how we can help you stand out at your next fair!

Irene Delgado