20 December, 2021

The Kansas tile rack display is the bestseller of 2021


It’s almost time to say goodbye to the old year, to take stock, and to reveal which is the best-selling ceramic tile display of 2021. Of all the tile rack displays in our catalogue, the most notable has been the Kansas.

And what does this tile display system possess that has captivated distributors, manufacturers and professionals? There is no doubting that the Kansas is notable for its industrial and minimalist design.

It is part of the large format tile displays from our Slimshow series, characterised by their lightweight metallic structures with systems developed at INSCA and where usability takes precedence.

Technical characteristics of the Kansas ceramic tile display

Our bestseller is a tile display consisting of a metal base with 6 extendable rails from 600 to 1200mm and a central self-carrying structure. As it enables double-sided displays, up to 12 models of different formats can be displayed in a small amount of space. Its dimensions are 327.7 cm x 308.8 cm x 64 cm.

Because of its versatility and design, the Kansas is one of the most notable multi-format tile displays at INSCA. As a large format ceramic tile display, it allows the combination of tiles from 60×120 cm up to 320×160 cm. All of these are secured by a solid metallic sliding base that can be moved to display the tiles in the most convenient way. 

In the custom-made section of our website you can choose between the models available: One Face, which is for displaying tiles on one side, can accommodate 6 panels and, Double Face, which will allow 12 panels to be displayed. Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred colour: white, silver, anthracite or black.

Expositor Kansas
El expositor de cerámica Kansas de INSCA es el producto más vendido en 2021

Los eThe bestselling tile displays at INSCA

Although the Kansas is this year’s bestseller, hot on its heels is our emblematic Maxi Tiles, which continues to be one of the most popular, followed by the Colorado series.

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Lorena Rodriguez