6 February, 2023

Students from the Politècnic High School of Castellón visit INSCA’s facilities


From the INSCA group we want to contribute to the development of the carpentry trade and generate a quarry of professionals in the sector in our province.

During the morning of Friday 3rd February, the students of the Higher Degree in Design and Furnishing of the IES Politècnic de Castellón visited our facilities in Almassora to learn about the manufacturing and assembly process of the furniture and commercial equipment that we make for our clients.

Encuentro con los alumnos en las oficinas de INSCA

The students were welcomed at the new offices of Kontorstil, a company of the INSCA group specialising in office equipment. There, the heads of the Marketing and Communication department, Lorena Rodríguez, and of Health and People, Elisa Pérez, together with a member of the Technical Office team, Francesc Tormo, and the director of Kontorstil, Víctor Terrén, received the students and teachers of the professional family of Wood, Furniture and Cork of the IES Politècnic to explain the different brands that the company has and how the production process of each one of them works.

In this way, the INSCA Group once again reinforces its commitment to the training of professionals in the commercial equipment sector and offers students the opportunity to carry out part of their practical training at the company’s facilities.

The students got to know the different brands that are part of the INSCA group: INSCA, InscaShops, Inretail and Kontorstil, as well as the jobs they can develop from the formation they receive at the centre.

Los alumnos del IES Politècnic visitan la oficina técnica del grupo INSCA

In this way, students coming from the superior grade are prepared to work in the carpentry workshops, manufacturing facilities and also apply for positions in the workshop and technical office.

We then gave the students a guided tour of the production facilities and offices to show them all the steps we follow to turn the raw material into the tile display units that our customers finally receive.

The versatility of the INSCA Group’s professional profiles

The head of Health and People explained that we want to train expert craftsmen who work with state-of-the-art technology. “We are looking for people who are eager to learn, proactive and who want to improve continuously,” she added.

The art of turning wood into furniture requires technical, mathematical, mechanical and material knowledge, as well as manual dexterity, organisational, thinking and critical skills, but also a vocation.

In short, at INSCA Group we offer students the possibility to carry out dual training or the training practices of the degree in the different workshop sections as well as in the technical office.

Los alumnos del IES Politècnic junto con el equipo del grupo INSCA

Irene Delgado