8 May, 2024

Woodlook: new displays for parquet, laminate and vinyl floors


Are you looking for displays for parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring to match the design of your building materials display? Order our Woodlook catalogue to find the right display solution for your products.

At INSCA, we are pleased to present our latest innovation in display solutions: the Woodlook series, specifically designed to enhance the presentation of parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring in any exhibition environment. These displays are not only functional, but also stand out for their elegance and adaptability to showcase the quality and versatility of your building materials.

Expositores para parqué, laminados y suelo vinílico
Expositores para parqué, laminados y suelo vinílico
Expositores para parqué, laminados y suelo vinílico
Expositores para materiales de construcción
Soluciones expositivas para parqué, laminados y suelo vinílico

For example, with this new collection of parquet floor displays and vinyl floor displays, we offer versatility in presentation, allowing you to display samples both horizontally and vertically. This unique functionality not only offers a realistic view of how the installed materials will look, but also optimises the display space, maximising the visual impact of each product.

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The benefits of our parquet, laminate and vinyl floor displays

The display solutions of our Woodlook series are composed of a variety of displays. From parquet display racks, vinyl floor display shelves to drawer units for laminate, and also parquet flooring display stands.

We have designed them with light and resistant structures that allow for quick and easy replacement of parts. In this way, these display racks allow construction material showrooms to easily rotate collections in order to always show the latest ones.

Woodlook: new displays for parquet, laminate and vinyl floors

On the other hand, they allow the samples to be displayed both horizontally and vertically to reflect the reality of how they will be placed in practice. In turn, the Woodlook collection accommodates a wide range of products in different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the model of wood display selected.

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In addition, the flooring displays in our series are customisable. You can choose between white, silver, anthracite or black finishes. We can also customise them with your company logo, just contact us.

In terms of aesthetics, their minimalist and elegant design makes them easy to integrate into the design of building material shops, showrooms, points of sale and even stands for trade fairs in the sector.

expositores para suelos de madera

Why buy Woodlook: wood display stands?

Imagine being able to present your parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring in a way that captures the attention of your customers and reflects the quality of your products. With Woodlook displays, this becomes a reality.

  1. Quality and durability: Woodlook displays are made of high quality materials such as lacquered iron and melamine to guarantee strength and durability, ensuring an impeccable presentation over time.
  2. Customisation: We offer customisation options to adapt the displays to the specific needs of your space and brand, adding unique value to your presentation.
  3. Product Versatility: includes different displays for building materials, from laminate flooring display racks to parquet display drawers so you can showcase different formats and thicknesses.
  4. Horizontal and vertical display: We make it easy for your customers to see the products in the way that helps them visualise how they will be installed to make more accurate decisions.
  5. Easy integration: Designed with a minimalist yet elegant design to be easily integrated into any building materials showroom design.
  6. Proven experience: At INSCA we have over 45 years of experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of display solutions. Thus, you have the guarantee of trusting a leading brand in the sector.

Expositores correderos para parqué, suelo vinílico y laminados

In short, with the Woodlook series, we have created a set of display solutions for laminate, vinyl and parquet flooring that enhance the customer’s shopping experience. On the other hand, you can also present your products in an attractive, organised and effective way.

How is the parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring sector growing?

The parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring sector is experiencing significant growth due to several reasons. The demand for attractive, durable and easy-to-maintain flooring solutions has increased in both the residential and commercial sectors. The trend towards warmer and more natural interiors is also driving the popularity of these materials.

Another aspect that has contributed to the growth of this sector is the expansion of the residential market. With the increase in residential construction and home renovation, there is a growing demand for flooring solutions that offer a unique combination of beauty and functionality.

Estanterías expositoras para exponer parqué

In addition, innovation in manufacturing technology has expanded the design and texture options available in parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring, appealing to a wider audience.

Increased environmental awareness has also influenced the popularity of these materials. Laminate and vinyl floors are often more sustainable compared to traditional wood options, using fewer natural resources in their production and offering an extended lifespan.

In summary, the parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring sector is experiencing a remarkable boom driven by evolving consumer preferences, technological innovation, sustainability and interior design trends.

expositores para parqué

En INSCA, nos mantenemos a la vanguardia de este mercado en constante evolución al ofrecer soluciones expositivas que complementen y realcen la belleza de estos materiales modernos y versátiles. ¡Descubre cómo nuestros expositores Woodlook pueden mejorar la presentación de tus productos y captar la atención de tus clientes potenciales!

Para más información sobre nuestra nueva serie de expositores, no dudes en contactarnos y solicitar nuestro catálogo.

At INSCA, we remain at the forefront of this evolving market by offering display solutions that complement and enhance the beauty of these modern and versatile materials – find out how our Woodlook displays can enhance the presentation of your products and capture the attention of your potential customers!

For more information about our new display series, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our catalogue.

Irene Delgado