25 January, 2023

2023 events where we build your tile display stands


At INSCA we are leaders in the design, development and manufacture of tile display stands for ceramics and building materials. To serve our clients, this year we will assemble and manufacture their stands at 5 ceramics and other trade fairs to help them grow.

Thus, we offer our work of design, technical development, manufacture and assembly of stands for the KBIS, GENERA, CEVISAMA, COVERINGS and CERSAIE events. At each of these trade fairs for tiles, construction and other sectors such as the energy sector, we carry out the tiles displays for ceramic that our clients’ needs.

Custom-made stands for ceramic fairs made by INSCA

Dates of tiles events and other sectors

  1. The Kitchen & Bath Show 2023 (KBIS). Las Vegas, United States. From January 31st to February 2nd.
  2. The International Energy and Environment Trade Fair (GENERA). Madrid, Spain. From 21 to 23 February.
  3. CEVISAMA. Valencia, Spain. From 27th February to 3rd March.
  4. COVERINGS. Orlando, Florida (United States). From 18 to 21 April.
  5. CERSAIE. Bologna, Italia. From 25th to 29th September.

What do we offer you with our ceramic tile displays systems?

At INSCA we take care of the complete project, which includes the design, manufacture and assembly of the exhibition systems for ceramics and construction materials. In fact, one of our differential services is that we have our own assembly team that travels to the different events to guarantee the best results.

Ceramic display stands designed and manufactured by INSCA

Thus, the ephemeral architecture projects we carry out at INSCA are original, functional and focused on improving sales at international showrooms.

Market research and quality materials for tile showroom display

Our experts study market trends and look for the best way to display products in each stand for showrooms in ceramics and other sectors We apply market intelligence, value engineering and innovation in tile display systems.

Ephemeral architecture designs made by INSCA

At INSCA we are very demanding in our quality processes. ISO 9001 certifies this. In addition, we carefully select the origin of our supplies and raw materials with which we manufacture our displays and exhibition projects. In fact, for wood-based products, our suppliers must have the FSC Forest Management certificate to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly models.

Why is it important to attend events in tiles and other sectors?

Events for ceramics, construction materials or any other sector, not only allow manufacturers to present new collections, but they are also the perfect place to interact with customers, make contacts, learn about trends, see what the competition is doing, learn a lot and, above all, do business.

The trade show booths we design at INSCA help our clients grow.

And to do business, you don’t just have to show the latest products, you have to offer the best experience to all your visitors. That’s why our team creates integrated spaces in the stands that go beyond the mere exhibition of the product. We refer to the wise combination of exhibition, meeting, negotiation and leisure areas.

Designs to visualize the final result in ceramic exhibits made by INSCA

It should also be noted that these events are shared spaces in the same sector, so it is imperative to know how to stand out. And the stand is the great showcase of your business, it is where the action happens.

So having the best supplier in design and manufacture of stands for tiles will not only give you peace of mind, but will help you achieve your corporate and economic objectives.

Tile, sanitary ware and building materials trade fair booths manufactured and assembled by INSCA

We are INSCA, leaders in the manufacture of stands for tile, sanitaryware and building materials trade fairs. If you are planning to attend the main international trade fairs for ceramic products, we invite you to contact us. We are sure we can help you to grow.

Irene Delgado