Intelligence Revolutionary INSCA System

I.RIS is the new intelligent and digital system that we have developed at INSCA with the collaboration of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.

It allows customers to visualise the final ambience from the physical sample of the exhibitor.

In this way, we manage to speed up the purchasing decision, improve the experience, the efficiency of your team and the sales of your business.

The first prototype that incorporates I.RIS is the Oregon drawer unit.

What benefits does I.RIS offer you?

  • Your customers can see different ambiences in the same display.
  • You make your customers choose more confidently and make them feel more satisfied.
  • They can see, touch and feel the texture of the physical sample.
  • Your sales team has all the technical information about each sample.
  • You increase the display capacity without taking up more space.
  • The process is very convenient.
  • The system is integrated into the furniture.
  • The handling and replacement of samples is very simple.
  • You improve the image of your exhibition.
  • You will increase your sales.