13 September, 2023

Going further beyond!: new horizons in the exhibition of tiles and materials


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Cersaie 2023, the international exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, which is also celebrating its 40th anniversary, opens in Bologna (Italy) on 25 September. INSCA, of course, could not miss this event. This year we are presenting an avant-garde concept: by “Going further beyond!” we mean that at INSCA we are not content with the conventional.

Going further beyond!: nuevos horizontes en la exposición de cerámica y materiales

We are returning to Cersaie with a surprising stand where we will present our proposals for the exhibition of tiles and materials. In it, we explore various ways of showcasing products by using innovative designs, advanced technology and creativity in the development and manufacture of our displays. From flooring displays, tile display furniture to shower tray displays.

Going further beyond!: Looking ahead of the presentation

“Going further beyond!” is a reference to the fact that at INSCA we go further in the quality and functionality of our display solutions and go beyond common standards to make your products the undisputed protagonists. As we move forward, we continue to explore new ways to elevate the presentation of tiles.

At INSCA, we embrace a philosophy that goes beyond mere presentation: embracing the product in an immersive experience to deliver elevated value in every display. This feeling is not only reflected in the way we present our customers’ products, but also in the synergy we follow with the continuous movement of the market.

In other words, “Going further beyond!” encompasses the dynamism evoked by our stand, where the fluid curves suggest a constant flow of movement, a representation of the ever-evolving ceramics industry. The reference to continuous movement reflects the need for companies to move forward, to avoid stagnation in a competitive environment. Thus, with our display solutions, the product becomes the epicentre of a process in constant transformation.

Going further beyond!: new horizons in the exhibition of tiles and materials

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As a result, our team is up to date with the latest developments in tile and building materials exhibitions. If you want to be too, don’t miss the opportunity to download our Guide to the 15 Exhibition Trends 2024! We’ll show you ideas on how your tile showroom design can look like.

What will you find in this ebook? You are in front of an exhaustive analysis elaborated by the INSCA team in which you will be able to know and, above all, know how to focus your showroom to offer the most satisfactory shopping experience possible for your customers. In a world where the display of building materials is constantly evolving, at INSCA we are at the forefront of innovation.

At INSCA we offer innovative display solutions in the display and presentation of tiles, bathroom and building materials. For that reason, we strive every day to exceed traditional expectations in product displays by seeking to create stunning, efficient and engaging visual experiences for our clients to increase their sales.

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Where is the INSCA stand at Cersaie 2023?

We are repeating our location. We will be located, with a space of 221 m2, in Hall 28 Stand B12 C11.

If you want to see first-hand our exhibition solutions in which we demonstrate our commitment to innovation, excellence and attention to detail, come and see us!

Irene Delgado