19 December, 2023

How to display small formats successfully?


At INSCA we present you some display solutions to display small formats effectively in your showroom.

Tiles are a very versatile material that can be installed in practically any space, from dining rooms to bathrooms and even terraces. They are available in different sizes, which have a great impact on the appearance and functionality of the rooms in which they are installed.

¿Cómo exponer formatos pequeños con éxito?

And, although the novelty are the large format plates, we must not forget that the small format is a trend in itself and one of the most used formats. Do you want to know how to present them in an effective way to capture the attention of your customers? In this post we explain the best way to display small formats.

Advantages of small tiles

  1. Ideal for use in small areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. Create different patterns and unique decorative details.
  3. They give more light to spaces.
  4. Easier to install and handle thanks to their lightness.
  5. Ideal when looking for a rustic or vintage style.

At INSCA, as a manufacturer of tile, bathroom and construction material displays, we present the best strategies to highlight these pieces with display solutions in which the product is the undisputed protagonist.

Technical shelving to display single pieces

Ceramotecas are ideal for organising and presenting small formats. Their functional design allows a clear and orderly display of the tiles to attract the attention of customers to their details.

In this sense, in our catalogue you will find three types of series: Ceramoteca UP, Tile Library and Ceramotecas. All three are modular shelves with a large capacity for displaying individual pieces.

How to display small formats successfully?

INSCA’s Ceramotecas are tile display racks that allow the integration of multiple formats and typologies in a small space.

New compositions of the Ceramoteca UP series

At INSCA, our design team and technical office are always on the lookout to design display units for tiles that follow market trends, are functional and, at the same time, meet the needs of our customers.

That is why, as a novelty, we present in our online catalogue the new compositions of the UP Ceramoteca: Composición 194, Composición 195 and Composición 196. These solutions allow the display of different dimensions in a reduced space, with the difference that they are low shelves to allow interaction with your customers.

In this way, we have added a non-slip surface and even benches to facilitate communication with your customers. And, like the rest of the shelves in the series, it maintains a solid and firm metal structure, capable of supporting a lot of weight and tiles with a maximum thickness of 12 mm.

Technical workbenches for small format display

INSCA technical benches are highly versatile professional furniture because the work areas are integrated into the display itself. In addition, they are ideal for specifying proposals and compositions with the client, mixing different colours, textures, finishes and complementary materials in order to visualise the final result.

At INSCA, we have developed three modular series with different designs: I Nostri Banchi, UP! and Minimal. In this sense, you can choose the modules you want to combine them and have a technical bench adapted to the space and needs of your point of sale.

Likewise, to facilitate the display of the pieces, all our technical benches have a surface with non-slip vinyl carpeting that facilitates the support of the tiles and their handling.

On the other hand, these display units have a large sample storage capacity and facilitate the organisation of pieces of different formats and materials. Among the modules that you can combine, you have the option of choosing systems of:

  1. Drawer units
  2. Flat or slotted trays
  3. Closed, open or semi-open fronts
  4. Sliding solutions

Technical walls for displaying ceramics

This solution consists of transforming your walls into canvases for displaying tiles. In other words, technical walls are an exhibition solution that consists of incorporating a grooved panel into a fixed wall. And, from there, you can add accessories adapted to the pieces you want to display.

These solutions offer flexibility in layout and allow you to create unique compositions, attractive to customers looking for inspiration. One example can be found in our Milan Wall series.

In this wall tile display you will find a list of accessories such as clothes racks, plain or slotted shelves, columns and even a table to facilitate the display of the small format in a clear and direct way.

Customised solutions: wall magnets

An innovative option for displaying small format tiles. Magnets allow for a dynamic presentation, changing the arrangement of the tiles easily and offering an interactive experience to visitors.

This tile display design idea consists of incorporating a magnet into each of the ceramic pieces you want to display and then sticking them to a metal wall. In this way, you make the most of the space and have a simple and agile way to keep your display up to date.  

Tile displays for small format

The tile display systems in our Complementos series are also suitable for the display of small formats. They all have a light and robust metal structure to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

Among the display units available in this category of our catalogue, we highlight the following.

  1. Tronchetto Ferro: Allows you to display up to 12 single pieces with a maximum size of 60×60 cm, as well as a thickness of 12 mm.
  2. Epsilon A3: A composition of 20+20 panels on which you can display small ceramic compositions with a maximum thickness of 12 mm.
  3. File A1: Wall display for tiles that works as a shelf where you can display pieces of 15×15, 33×33, 60×30 and 60×60 cm.

In short, at INSCA, we understand the importance of highlighting every detail. Our tile display units are designed to highlight the beauty of these small formats, offering standard and customised solutions that enhance their attractiveness. Contact us and discover how our ceramic tile displays can transform your showroom, exhibition or point of sale.

Irene Delgado