7 December, 2023

The design of a tile showroom: how to create a high-value commercial space


The head of Design at INSCA, Laura Pardo, participated as a speaker at the conference for distributors organised by Andimac and Cevisama. Pardo explained how the design of a tile showroom has to be to create a exhibition of value.

Diseño de una exposición de azulejos: cómo crear un espacio comercial de alto valor

Laura Pardo, our director of the Design and Projects department, gave a conference on the design of the tile, bathroom and building materials showroom. The event took place in Madrid, as part of the conference on “Professional Distribution. The point of sale: trends, risks and strengths”, organised by Cevisama and Andimac.

Pardo began his speech by explaining what a high-value space is, as well as how important it is to take care of the customer’s experience at the point of sale from the moment they walk through the door.

She went on to explain how bespoke retail spaces, together with an organised presentation of materials, can define a pleasant and productive journey for visitors, as well as reflect the values of each brand.

Product lighting in the design of a tile showroom

A crucial aspect highlighted by the manager was the direct illumination of the products. The strategy of “highlighting the goodness and characteristics of the materials” is essential to focus the attention of customers and enhance the material effects of the materials on display.

The design of a tile showroom: how to create a high-value commercial space

“Light becomes more than a source of luminosity; it helps to enrich the customer’s experience,” said Pardo. In this way, to generate a high-value exhibition you can play with different types of lighting. From general lighting, incorporating accent lighting, and even coloured or indirect lighting.

Transformation of exhibition spaces

The transformation of exhibition spaces is another fundamental pillar of our strategy and one that Pardo mentioned at the conference. In other words, he emphasised the importance we at INSCA give to establishing objectives based on the needs of our clients and their types of materials on display, where each phase of the project contributes to improving the perception of the value of those products.

Integration of digital and immersive experiences

INSCA’s commitment to the integration of digital and immersive experiences in exhibition design also featured at the conference. Pardo highlighted, within our 15 Trends in Tiles and Materials Exhibition 2024 guide, how important it will be for next year to have devices such as our I.RIS, a tile display with a smart, digital tile display system.

In this respect, the conference attendees showed great interest in learning how to take advantage of inspiration and current trends to generate spaciousness and a welcoming atmosphere in retail outlets. Pardo closed his presentation with the following tips.

INSCA, at the forefront of exhibition design

Ultimately, at the event, organised by Andimac and Cevisama, Pardo’s ideas provided valuable strategies for industry professionals, reflecting INSCA’s dedication to excellence and innovation in tile, bathroom and building materials display design.

expositor de azulejos I.RIS

With these insights, INSCA continues to lead the way in creating retail environments that not only showcase products, but also tell stories and create memorable experiences.

Irene Delgado