27 October, 2023

Creating living areas in your materials showroom


In the dynamic materials showroom sector, a new trend is emerging: the creation of living areas to inspire your customers. We explain how to incorporate them in this post!

One of the keys to achieving a good display of materials is to make it easy to change the samples so that you can update the products in your showroom in a quick and agile way. One of the trends that will allow you to achieve this is the incorporation of living areas.


What are living areas in a materials showroom?

Living zones are a way of showing how the products you sell can be harmoniously integrated into indoor and outdoor environments such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or swimming pools.

Therefore, the idea is for you to recreate real proposals and ambiences of complete living spaces to highlight how your materials can be used in real contexts. The aim is to inspire your customers to influence their buying decision. Therefore, you have to reproduce even the smallest details of the room.


That is, if you want to sell ceramic slabs for a countertop, create an environment that is a kitchen with this furniture and its surface is covered with your sample. To inspire your customers, don’t forget the taps, the lighting and, in short, all the complementary decoration such as plates, cutlery or foodstuffs that allow you to show a kitchen in a home.

Bear in mind that your customers now have the option of buying products online. If they come to your point of sale, it is because they are looking for something more. They are looking for advice, guidance and tips that you can offer them with these spaces. Thus, living areas encourage interaction with your products because visitors will be able to interact, feel and imagine these configurations in their own homes, something they won’t be able to do online.

Zonas living_6

One of the pioneers in creating this type of immersive experience has been the Swedish company Ikea. One of its key strategies has been to create living areas in its showroom with no detail missing in order to inspire and increase the average sales ticket.

INSCA’s display solutions for the creation of living areas

At INSCA we are backed by 45 years of experience. We have created numerous bespoke environments for our clients and we also offer standard solutions within our catalogue such as the Tubestile series, which will help you to recreate spaces to inspire your visitors.

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Display environments for building materials

With the Tubestile series you can create living spaces that showcase your products. These systems from our catalogue are made up of a set of ceramic ambiences and tile displays that allow you to display differentiated spaces divided by theme. Below, we explain their main advantages:

Zonas living_5
  1. Tubular structures for self-supporting installation. No need for anchoring to vertical or horizontal parameters to achieve greater mobility and speed up the assembly of the environments.
  2. The tubular design of this ceramic display stand has straight lines. It conveys lightness and allows the space to be perfectly delimited.
  3. It can be combined with other tile display models to create unique compositions adapted to a wide variety of ceramic formats.

In short, the Tubestile series is the perfect option for creating areas in a simple way without the need for major renovations and investments. Contact us if you would like more information!


Customised bespoke solutions

At INSCA we exclusively design and create unique experiences in the building materials sector. We facilitate the entire process, from space management to final assembly, so that our clients can focus on serving their customers. We have a team of interior designers and architects to advise you and offer you the best design for the creation of living areas.

For this reason, we know how important it is to have rooms with panels that are easy to veneer. In this way, we design them in such a way that you can change the cladding or flooring easily, without the need to carry out any building work.


In this sense, we create bespoke ceramic ambiences. We take into account the shape and dimensions, as well as the best way for you to change collections and inspirations easily.

At INSCA, we create themed spaces for your showroom that represent different areas of the home, such as a kitchen, a bathroom or an outdoor entertainment area with our tile display furniture or bespoke solutions. These spaces can be attractively designed and decorated to inspire your visitors and allow them to visualise how the materials would look in a real context with ceramic shop furniture.


Ultimately, the aim of living areas in your materials showroom is to inspire your customers. In this way, you recreate complete living space configurations and environments to highlight how your products can be used in real contexts.

At INSCA, as leaders in bespoke display solutions, we create themed spaces within your point of sale that represent different areas of the home with our tile display furniture. Contact us!

Irene Delgado