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Londres Multi Tiles, multiformat and extensible
From the fusion of lightness and robustness comes the Londres Multi Tiles. A display for tiles from the Maxi Tiles series, In this case, we have decided to incorporate double-sided panels in a sliding display system. The result is a piece of furniture for exhibitions that can be integrated between rooms or placed free-standing in the showroom.
Multi-format display for single tiles
The Londres Multi Tiles is a multiformat display for single pieces, with an extensible sliding panel system. In this way, we can have products of different sizes of loose tiles.
In our standard model we can include between 2 and 10 panels to display tiles between 60 cm and 120 cm wide up to 260 cm high..
The Londres Multi Tiles is fully customisable, allowing us to add as many panels as we need to complete the showroom collections.
Main advantages of our ceramic tile display
The Londres Multi Tiles display is one of the latest models we have added to the INSCA catalogue. In this way, we have succeeded in creating an improved solution for displaying tiles.
Like all our display units, the Londres Multi Tiles can be customised with finishes in white, anthracite, black, silver, wood or cement, among others.
Our finishes also provide solutions that facilitate cleaning and prevent corrosion over time.

It is also possible to choose the height of the panels, as well as the height of the furniture. The standard height is 3 metres, but the customised height can be up to 3.4 metres.

The Londres Multi Tiles offers the possibility of installing two front panels, which can be technical or covered, and are easy to interchange.
Simplicity and ease of use
Easy handling is another major advantage of the Londres Multi Tiles.
Thanks to the stainless steel handle, you can easily remove the panels and keep your showroom organised at all times.

At INSCA we always think about creating tile displays that make our customers' work easier.
For this reason, the Londres Multi Tiles allows the quick and easy replacement of the tiles.

Thus, this display allows showrooms to rotate collections in a simple way and always show the latest trends on display.
Robustness and support with high-performance technology
As a manufacturer of tile displays with many years of experience, all our tile cabinets stand out for their robustness and solidity.
At INSCA we include a high performance technology system that allows:
  • To open several panels at once in a smooth and soundproof way.
  • Securely hold the tiles.
  • Increase the stability of the display.
  • Maintain the furniture in perfect condition over time.
In the end, our Londres Multi Tiles integrates the high performance technology that we apply in INSCA's commercial equipment. A system that is part of our know-how, which allows us to design and manufacture display solutions with the best ROI in the market.



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