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Tile in the furniture of Galeries Lafayette
INSCA's retail division, a source of creativity and innovation
If there is a different way of shop solutions, that is INSCA Shopfitting. INSCA's retail division has surprised us once again. This time it has succeeded in integrating ceramics into the made-to-measure shopfitting of the prestigious Galeries Lafayette in the Nice CAP 3000 shopping centre.
The uniqueness of the tables is a hallmark of the company's identity
 Specifically, the uniqueness of the project lies in the geometric shapes and the ceramic tiles in the beauté areas. Through the play of colours in orange, blue and yellow, we have succeeded to create an atmosphere that invites you to relax, to enjoy the experience of seeing and tasting the beauty products.
The furniture with wall tiles, adds sophistication and elegance to the entire Galeries Lafayette space. Ceramic, as a display solution, has not only been applied to the tables in the beauty area, but can also be seen on the podiums and sides of different areas of the shopping centre.
Experts in exhibition solutions
While INSCA is an expert in the manufacture of tile displays and ceramic tile showrooms, the retail division has specialised in the development of commercial furniture to create unique places.
In this project, the INSCA Shopfitting team also took care of the technical part with validation prototypes and, subsequently, with the manufacture and installation of all the furniture. The result was perfect!



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