7 March, 2022

INSCA presents the new Tile Library


The tile library is one of the more characteristic units for displaying tiles within the technical areas of a display and in the studios of professional architects and interior designers.  

The new Tile Library from INSCA breaks away from all the tile displays with its simplicity of its composition and its versatility. It is a new customisable display for showing loose tile samples which consists of three modules and infinite possibilities to shape it according to the space and size of the tile collections.

Ceramoteca Tile Library

How does INSCA’s modular Tile Library work?

The Tile Library consists of three basic modules, of which the first and last are fixed in order to maintain the style of the tile display unit.  However, the central module has a shelf system that can be placed at the desired height and racks to regulate the depth, and it always displays the tile collections in perfect order.  

In this way, the tile library is presented as one of the most versatile of INSCA’s tile libraries. You can design it as you wish and include as many central modules as you require. There is no space limit. All the central modules work in the same way.  

Ceramoteca Tile Library en negro

What tile formats can I use on this tile display?

Thanks to the system designed and developed by the team of engineers at INSCA, you can display tiles of different formats on the tile display Tile Library. The maximum depth size of the samples is 90 cm. As for height, you can display pieces of any size you wish up to 120 cm, which is the maximum recommended to allow you to handle them with ease.  

Despite the difference in the format or size of each tile, on a visual level, the system that regulates depth, ensures all the tiles are displayed in a tidy and organised manner.

Moreover, the tile samples are perfectly distinguishable, as the systems have a tilt of 30º. In this way, you can identify the samples you want to show or compare in your studio or display by sight.  

As tile display manufacturers, at INSCA we have designed the ceramoteca Tile Library in a minimalist style where simplicity takes precedence. It is ideal for those who love order, simplicity, the concept of “less is more” and tranquillity. You can choose the colour you want on our customiser and request a quote without obligation.  

The Tile Library completes our tile library offers at INSCA. We presented it at the Cersaie’21 fair and have now started selling it with a great deal of success, particularly among those with reduced space or those working with very different tile formats. It has endless possibilities.

Lorena Rodriguez