5 May, 2022

How to display ceramic tiles when you don’t have much space


In a tile showroom, there a three key factors: design, capacity and experience. At INSCA we are well aware of this, we have dedicated nearly 45 years to devising tiles and sanitary showroom display solutions.

Example of an INSCA showroom design showing how to display tiles in a small space.

Knowing how to display ceramic tiles in a small space is one of the issues that retailers are most concerned about when they have a small space but want to display their tile products and make every centimetre squared as profitable as possible.

To achieve it, here at INSCA, we have designed tile displays stands designed exclusively to display samples and which take up very little space.

Best tile display stands for small stores

Among the best tile display stands for small stores, or stores with little space, we want to highlight our model and bestseller: Londres. Our Londres tiles showroom display has capacity to hold 20 samples in just 1 metre squared and has a height of 2400mm.

Expositor cerámico Londres 14/2010 Blanco
Tile display stand Londres by INSCA.

The versatility of the Londres is one of its main advantages, since with INSCA systems you can combine different samples, even different sizes, on one panel.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to have your collections on view, the Kansas is one of the tiles displays for showroom that will give you the most impact without taking up too much space. In addition, it is multisize and its panels are extendable.

The workbenches from the UP! series also offer a large capacity to display ceramic tiles in a small space, they are modular and you can also use them as a customer service area.

Flooring display stands for small showrooms

In this case, another of our bestsellers is the Colorado. It is one of the best flooring display stands for smaller displays. The collections are on view and its rotating system enables you to display them horizontally.

Another option is the Oregon, a flooring display drawer unit with twenty removable trays and one fixed one at the top.

Tile display stand Oregon by INSCA

Tips to create space in a ceramic tile display

In addition to buying tiles and sanitary showroom displays directly from tile display manufacturers like us, there are a series of things that will enable you to create space.

If you are going to have aisles, bear in mind that we recommend they are 1.5 metres in width, although this may vary depending on the space you have available.

Ejemplo de cómo diseñar una exposición de azulejos

To make the most of every centimetre squared, you can choose to include display tiles on the walls. In our Milan Wall series, you will find systems for different sizes that will enable you to create excellent arrangements.

And finally, if you prefer, we can always look for a bespoke solution for you. Our design department will create the best tile showroom design so you can boast a large capacity, generate a positive impact on your customers in less than 10 seconds and provide the best experience.

We offer you a tiles showroom design service at no additional cost if you finally contract the project. Our aim is clear: to help show your best so you increase your sales.

Lorena Rodriguez