13 September, 2022

INSCA’s new displays for slabs enhance the power of large format tiles


Large format tiles make an impact, they captivate your customers. At INSCA we have created tile displays for slabs that enhance all their strength and splendour. Discover them at our stand at Cersaie. Do it now.

Large ceramic slabs generate amplitude, visual continuity, have multiple uses and are much quicker to install. For this reason, they have become one of the most demanded options by architects, interior designers and consumers in general.

In your showroom, have you already incorporated large format tiles? Do you want to know how to display large format tiles to captivate your customers and increase your sales? We tell you how!

How to display large format tiles in a ceramic showroom

Large tiles seduce your customers from the very first moment, so it is important that you have ceramic displays for large format that enhance the value of your collections. How can you achieve this?

How to display large format tiles?

At INSCA we have developed displays for large format ceramic tiles that combine the lightweight design and robustness of all INSCA systems.

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In the new displays for the sale of large format tiles, the structure of the furniture is reduced to a minimum so that your collections take centre stage.

At the same time, they are robust because they have the security and fastening systems of the INSCA systems. Technology and design go hand in hand in our new displays for slabs.

When you come to our stand at Cersaie you will discover the new display stands for large format ceramic tiles that we present at INSCA.

We will be presenting the great new products exclusively at our booth at Cersaie – book your meeting now!

Tips for displays for slabs

We would now like to give you some practical tips when choosing and buying tile slabs sliding display stand.

  1. Choose large tile displays in which the absolute protagonist is the product and all its qualities can be appreciated.Es primordial que los expositores dispongan de buenos sistemas de sujeción y seguridad.
  2. It is essential that the displays have good fastening and security systems.Personaliza los acabados para integrar los sistemas en tu exposición con total naturalidad.
  3. Opt for large format ceramic tile displays that are easy to handle and allow you to change collections very easily, so your display will always be up to date.
  4. Customise the finishes to integrate the systems into your showroom in a natural way.
  5. Consult with experts like us to find the best display solution for your business depending on the type of sample you want to display, the manufacturer that will supply the product and the characteristics of your exhibition.

Of course, we are the tile display manufacturer that can help you to enhance the value of your collections, to create a display that generates an excellent experience and guarantees quality systems with guaranteed safety.

Visit the INSCA booth at Cersaie

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to incorporate large format tiles into your display and to choose the systems that will allow you to show off their spectacular nature. The opportunity to transform your business starts at our stand, Do it now.

Lorena Rodriguez