15 September, 2022

Discover I.RIS, the new intelligent system that improves and speeds up purchasing decisions


I.RIS, Intelligence Revolutionary INSCA System, is the new system developed by INSCA that improves the efficiency of your sales team, makes your customers feel happier with their choice and makes them buy sooner.

In the same display, your customers will be able to view multiple ambiences on a screen from the physical ceramic sample, which will allow them to make a more satisfactory choice and do it faster.

This is I.RIS, the new intelligent system developed by INSCA with the collaboration of the Systems Engineering and Automation Department of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.

The idea was born in the heart of INSCA’s R+D+i committee, “our obsession as a company is to help our clients to improve their sales, so we focused on investigating how we could generate value in an exhibition to increase the degree of satisfaction of our clients’ customers when making their decision”, explains the manager of INSCA, Pascual Ibáñez.

So, with a well-defined mission and a clear goal in mind, INSCA’s R+D+I team contacted the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Design at the University of Castellón. “The university team has been led by Carlos Ariño, and we have to thank them for their involvement in the project from the very first moment, allying with them has been a very wise decision to develop a unique system in the world that, of course, we have patented”.

The first prototype incorporating the I.RIS system is the Oregon tile drawer unit.

The first application of INSCA’s revolutionary intelligent system has been carried out in the innovative Oregon tile drawer system: “When you open a drawer, you can see on the screen an ambience with the technical data of the product, so that the customer can visualise the final result and the salesperson has all the information about the sample in just a few seconds”, says Ibáñez.

In addition, the system can be connected to several drawer units at the same time linked to the same screen, which allows, for example, different ambiences to be displayed that correspond to the samples housed in the cabinet.

Imagen detalle IRIS

In line with this, the INSCA manager explains that customers can touch the ceramic, feel its texture and, at the same time, see what its real application will be like and compare the finishes, which helps them to make the right decision and to do so more quickly. At the same time, the salesperson at the showroom has all the technical data of the product to inform customers of all the details in a clear and simple way”.

Thanks to I.RIS, INSCA has taken the digital tile display to the next level. “When developing the new system, we have focused on the benefit for our customers, which is important to us. We are in a time of change where it is paramount to improve the buying and selling experience at a showroom or point of sale to generate additional value”.

Why buy the digital tile display with the I.RIS system?

The main advantages or reasons to buy the digital tile display with the revolutionary I.RIS system are the following:

  1. Without moving from the site, with total comfort and in a few seconds, your customers can visualize the final finish of the physical ceramic sample you have in your display and compare different options.
  2. As the process is so visual, your customers will not be saturated with information and will feel more confident when making their choice. They will have already seen what the floor or wall tile they like looks like.
  3. Since you have the physical sample, they will be able to see it, touch it and feel its texture. We already know that you have to touch ceramics.
  4. Your sales team has the technical information of each sample on the screen, which speeds up their work and makes them more efficient, more productive. 
  5. The system is integrated in the same cabinet, so you don’t have to make any additional assembly or special connection, nor do you need a specialised technician. You only need to have a USB with the final images you want to project on the screen.
  6. You get to increase the capacity of your showroom by being able to show final ambiences on the screen from the samples you have in the display.
  7. You can allocate less space to fixed settings, as in the space occupied by a display you can show up to 15 per drawer.
  8. The system is integrated, for the moment, in all Oregon drawer units, and you have several options depending on the format and size of your samples.
  9. The process is very easy, you only have to open the trays you want to see the final setting and the data on the screen.  You can open several trays at the same time, the screen only shows the images of the ones that are open.
  10. As the handling and exchange of the samples is so easy, you can easily replace them to show your customers your latest novelties and be always on trend.
  11. You enhance the image of your showroom by incorporating smart digital solutions that are different from what other companies have, helping you to generate more value, differentiate yourself in the marketplace and improve the buying and selling experience.
  12. In short, thanks to the I.RIS system we ensure that your customers are more satisfied with their choice, that the purchase decision is quicker and that your sales team is more productive.

Where can you see the first prototype with the I.RIS system?

INSCA’s new Oregon drawer tile system with the I.RIS system included will be presented at the INSCA stand at Cersaie. There, manufacturers, distributors and professionals from the sector will be able to see live how the latest innovation from the leading company in ceramic tile displays and exhibitions works.

Do it now. The transformation of your business starts at our booth. Hall 28 Stand B12 C11

Lorena Rodriguez