6 September, 2022

Why create a technical area in a showroom or studio?


INSCA’s tile libray and workbenches are the perfect furniture to create a technical area in your ceramic exhibition or architecture studio.

Technical areas are made up of furniture such as tile library or technical workbenches. These display units for ceramics have been designed at INSCA to be multi-purpose, allowing you to display individual samples, easy handling to combine materials and customer service in the same place.

At INSCA, when designing a tile display with innovative ideas, we like to include compositions of tile library and technical benches to create areas for both the professional and private public.

What are the advantages of tile display shelves and technical workbenches?

The most outstanding benefits of the tile display shelves, as well as the technical benches, are:

  1. Have systems with a good capacity to display single samples of different formats and different materials.
  2. They favour the manipulation of samples to make compositions that help customers to have a more precise idea of what the final finish will be like.
  3. Incorporate customer service areas to make the visit closer, more enjoyable and interactive.
  4. They are perfect for smaller formats or special geometries.
  5. They allow for live product demonstrations, making them perfect for creating dedicated areas for professionals in your showroom or building materials shop.
  6. They are modular, so you can assemble the unit according to the space you have available and the type of tiles you want to display.

What types and models of tile display shelves and technical benches are there?

In the INSCA catalogue you can find series and compositions of different styles to incorporate into your exhibition.

If you prefer the industrial style, we recommend the furniture from the UP! series, while if you prefer a more minimalist style, the Tile Library is perfect for you. And finally, if you opt for a slightly more classic style, you can choose the I Nostri Banchi or Ceramotecas options. They are all modular, so you have complete freedom to choose the composition that best suits the space of your building materials shop or showroom.

Visit the INSCA booth at Cersaie

If you would like to see the excellent quality of our tile library and technical benches, we invite you to visit our booth at Cersaie. Our team will be delighted to help you.

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