4 June, 2021

Design and versatility of the UP! Tile library display


INSCA´s tile libraries are tile displays that allow multiple formats and typologies to be integrated in a small space.

The latest of our designs is the UP! tile library display. In this case, we have followed the line of the Tubestile and the UP! Bench. All of them maintain the base of a solid and firm metallic structure, capable of supporting a lot of weight, but with a design that transmits lightness and spaciousness.

Up! tile library display

How is the UP! tile library display?

UP! tile library is characterised by its versatility and functionality. You can combine drawers for flooring, work surfaces, panels, boards, complements for front pieces, hangers or display units for larger formats such as Chicago.

Just tell us what you need and our team will prepare your made-to-measure INSCA tile library, with the modules you need to adapt it to the space. 

Up! tile library display

Customisation of the tile library for your showroom

One of the great advantages of our UP! tile library is tidiness. Thanks to the adjustable system of our accessories, you can adjust and align all types of tiles, regardless of their size. This way, you always keep an orderly view of the ceramic tiles in your showroom.

In addition, you can customise this tile library. You have black, white or anthracite finishes for the metal structure that you can combine with wood. Can you imagine what yours could look like?

If you want more information about the UP! tile library display, just contact us. We will be happy to prepare this tile display unit for your studio or ceramic exhibition.

Lorena Rodriguez