28 February, 2022

Which are the 5 best flooring displays on the market?


One special category stands out in the rankings for the best tile display: the ceramic floor tile display.   

As experts and manufacturers of tile displays, at INSCA we know that light has a direct influence on how we view a tile. This is why it is very important that the flooring display stands allows the samples to be viewed horizontally.

With our know-how, which is based on almost 45 years of experience, we have managed to develop different tile display systems that are adapted to different formats, are easy to handle and can be customised for your showroom.

Today, we’re focusing on explaining which are the 5 best flooring display stands at INSCA and on the market, of course.

1. Yato: flooring display stands from the Fussion series

Ejemplo de una tienda hecha por INSCA con exhibidores de pisos cerámicos Yato de INSCA

In our Fussion series, there are various flooring display stand models. Among these, we want to highlight the Yato 10 and the Yato 20. The difference between these lies in the number of samples you can display and the actual design of the display unit. However, the two share a similar system: a metal structure from which the trays hang horizontally to display the flooring samples, with a choice of panel width of 100 and 120 cm.

Exhibidores de pisos cerámicos Yato de la serie Fussion de INSCA

2. Colorado: rotating flooring display from the Complementos series

From the moment it was released onto the market, tile distributors and manufacturers were enchanted by our Colorado. It had this effect because it is practical and takes up very little space.  The system consists of a metal structure and wheeled tracks, so that you can remove the sample in total comfort to turn it and view the tile horizontally.  

Expositor para pavimentos giratorio Colorado de la serie Complementos de INSCA

The Colorado has two models: the Colorado 5P and the Colorado 10 P. The display units themselves are not multi-format, but you can choose the one you are most interested in depending on sample dimensions: 60×120, 75×75, 80×80, 90×90, 100×100, 120×120 and 150×75. We can now tell you that the Colorado is an undisputable success, and that is why it is included in the best tile displays in the world.

3. Rhin: tile and ceramic displays from our Box series

Expositores para pavimentos modelo Rhin de la serie Box de INSCA

As tile display manufacturers, at INSCA we have created a complete series dedicated to floor display stands. Although the designs are different, they have all been designed with similar systems.

Expositores para pavimentos Rhin con Milan Wall para laminados de INSCA, tienda de Big Mat

Among all the options available to you within the series, we want to highlight our Rhin model range, which consists of the Rhin 12 with the leaning front, and the Rhin-R 12 with the straight front. In both models, you can choose the panel width: 92, 102, 120 and 122 cm, and you can also personalise the colour so that it fits in better with your display.  

4. Komori: the multi-format flooring display that doesn’t need panels

The Komori is one of the latest systems we have added to our catalogue. It is part of the Fusion series and is a flooring display that doesn’t require panels. It has a metal structure on its central axis which allows the trays on which you place the samples to be turned. One of its big advantages is that it is multi-format, so you can display samples measuring from 90 cm to 120 cm with complete ease.

5. Table tile display: the UP! Technical work bench

At INSCA, when we think about how to display ceramic tiles in showrooms, we always develop units that are versatile, practical and that don’t occupy more space than is necessary. One of our latest catalogue additions is the technical work bench from our UP! series.

Módulos expositores para pavimentos de la serie UP! de INSCA

The unit’s modular system allows us to create a technical work bench that only has drawers for the tiles. The great advantage of this system is that it gives you a non-slip surface on which to set up the samples so that your clients can get an idea of the end result.  

Where can I buy tile displays?

If you want to know where to buy tile displays you simply need to go to our online catalogue, choose the unit you like and ask us for a quote. It’s a very easy process and, once we receive your request, our sales team will advise you on everything you need and will send you the quote.

Our online catalogue contains over 300 different items including the best tile displays on the market.  We have almost 45 years of experience as tile display manufacturers and a client portfolio consisting of the most important manufacturers and distributors throughout the world. Our mission is to offer you systems that can help you to increase sales. That is why you can tell the difference when it’s an INSCA display unit. Contact us for a quote for our flooring displays!

Lorena Rodriguez