5 June, 2023

Outdoor: preview of INSCA’s new range of displays for outdoor tiles


Are you looking for displays for outdoor tiles? If so, we invite you to request our Outdoor collection catalogue to be one of the first to receive our new products. Below, you will see a preview of what the serie will look like.

The new tile displays from INSCA’s Outdoor collection have not yet been published on our website, but now you have the opportunity to get the preview of the catalogue of the collection. So you have at your disposal a specially designed range of outdoor tile displays, which also includes furniture for displaying pool tiles, that revolutionises the way your products are presented and how your customers experience them.

At INSCA, as leaders in the bathroom, tile and building materials display sector, we break boundaries and rethink the way you can present your products to increase sales. With Outdoor, we take it to a new level because instead of displaying tiles in a standard indoor environment, we have taken them to the place where they belong: outside.

If you would like to receive the catalogue of our new displays for outdoor tiles before it is published on the website, just request it here.

The benefits of our displays for outdoor tiles

It was clear to us at INSCA when we started this project. Research shows that by viewing tiles in their natural environment, your customers get an authentic picture of how the materials interact with light and the elements, and how they look in their own outdoor project.

For this reason, we have designed a range of outdoor tile display furniture with climate resistance thanks to its galvanized carbon steel metal structure to prevent corrosion with oven-lacquered epoxy paint. Thus, Outdoor systems maintain their appearance and functionality despite exposure to outdoor elements such as sun, rain or snow. This conveys a message of high quality and long-term durability.

Outdoor: preview of INSCA's new range of displays for outdoor tiles

Outdoor also allows the tiles to be displayed both horizontally and vertically to reflect the reality of how they will be laid in practice. It is therefore designed with flexibility in mind, and accommodates a wide range of tiles of different sizes (60 x 60 / 75×75 / 80×80 / 90×90 / 30×120 / 260×100 / 300×150) and thicknesses (from 10 to 40 mm), depending on the model of our outdoor ceramic display. If you would like to receive the catalogue of our outdoor tile displays before it is published on the website, you only have to request it here.

In terms of aesthetics, its elegant and minimalist design with an industrial touch integrates perfectly into any outdoor space of your building materials shop, showroom or point of sale.

Why to buy Outdoor: displays fou outdoor tiles?

INSCA takes outdoor tile display to the next level by combining functionality, design and customer experience in a unique way in the Outdoor collection. These are the reasons why you should buy it depending on the characteristics of the products you market.

  1. Natural presentation: they allow you to present outdoor tiles in their natural environment, which helps customers to visualise how they will look in their end-use environment.
  2. Weather resistance: specially designed for outdoor display. This ensures the durability and appearance of the furniture.
  3. Product versatility: they include tiles of different formats and thicknesses depending on the model, which gives you flexible options to adapt them to the needs of your product.
  4. Easy to compare pieces: the distribution of the tiles in the displays allows customers to compare pieces in the same space.
  5. Landscape and portrait display: allowing customers to view tiles in both landscape and portrait positions, helping them to visualise how they will look when installed and make more accurate decisions.
  6. Easy integration into outdoor spaces: designed to be easily integrated into any outdoor space, providing flexibility in terms of placement and adaptability to different environments.
  7. Communication panels: provide customers with additional information about the tiles, such as features and installation options, to help them make decisions.

In short, with INSCA’s Outdoor collection, we have created a set of outdoor tile display systems that enhance and facilitate the customer’s selection experience, and present your products in the most attractive and effective way possible.

How is the outdoor tile sector growing?

People now enjoy the open air outside their homes. As a result, there is now a growing trend towards creating well-designed and functional outdoor spaces, such as patios, terraces and outdoor entertainment areas such as swimming pools. In this regard, outdoor tiles can beautify and personalise these spaces by providing an aesthetic and practical option.

Therefore, outdoor tile manufacturers have developed tiles with increased resistance to wear, UV rays and fading. On the other hand, the availability of tiles has also increased with a wide range of options in terms of size, format, thickness and material. Large format tiles have also made their way outdoors.

At INSCA we have a team of experts who research market trends to provide the perfect display solutions to help increase our customers’ sales. Thus, we have designed the Outdoor collection, a range of robust and weather-resistant displays for outdoor tiles.

Outdoor: preview of INSCA's new range of displays for outdoor tiles

With Outdoor you can display your outdoor collections in their natural environment, along with the assurance that the aesthetics of the tile display unit maintains its long-term durability. We have manufactured the outdoor ceramic display stands with high-quality weather-resistant materials.

If you would like to receive the catalogue of our outdoor tile displays before it is published on the website, just request it here.

Irene Delgado