4 June, 2024

How to renovate your tile and materials showroom without building work?


We offer you different display solutions to update your building materials showroom without a complete refurbishment.

Keeping a tile and materials showroom up to date and organised is essential to improve sales.

Customers are looking for inspiration and want to see how products can be integrated into their own spaces, and a static or unattractive display does not meet these expectations.

At INSCA, we have a design team that helps optimise our clients’ building materials display space according to their objectives without the need for a complete refurbishment.

Below, we offer you different display solutions depending on the size and number of samples you wish to exhibit so that you can showcase your products in an excellent way without having to carry out any building work.

Displays for large format slabs

Our Slimshow series is the ideal solution for displaying large slabs. These displays are designed to highlight the largest and heaviest ceramic tiles, ensuring that they are presented in a safe and attractive way.

The robust structure of all the displays in the series, together with their solid stainless steel base and custom-made castors to support the weight of the slabs, allow for a complete and safe display of the tiles, making it easy for customers to appreciate all the details and textures of the pieces.

In addition, its minimalist and functional design integrates perfectly into any showroom, optimising space and providing an orderly and professional presentation of your most impressive ceramic collections.

Compact displays for a tile and materials showrooms

On the other hand, at INSCA, we have options such as the Complementos series, a set of compact displays to show tile pieces, which allow you to make the most of the space with double-sided presentation and with several rails, among several of its display options.

expositores de azulejos de INSCA

These solutions, like the rest of the tile, bathroom and construction material displays in our catalogue, will help you maximise space and better organise your products without the need for building work.

Displays for different materials and formats

If you are looking to display different materials and formats in the same space, our Multi Tiles series is perfect for your showroom or point of sale. These displays are adaptable to display tiles, parquet, marble and shower trays of different sizes.

Expositor para exponer diferentes formatos

Therefore, the Multi Tiles series has a sliding system that allows a full display of the samples to make it easier for customers to compare and select products. In addition, it is available in 5- and 7-rail options, providing great flexibility in presentation.

This suite of building materials display solutions also offers the option of lighting to highlight the details and textures of each display. And, ultimately, its modular and functional design optimises the use of space in your showroom, providing an orderly and professional presentation of your collections.

Displays for parquet, laminate and vinyl floors

Another option available in our catalogue of displays for building materials is the Woodlook series. A set of display solutions for laminate, parquet and vinyl flooring in which the structure of the display for wooden floors is reduced to a minimum so that the main protagonist is the product on display.

Expositores para parqué, laminados y suelo vinílico

This series of wood flooring displays allows samples to be displayed both horizontally and vertically to give a realistic view of how the installed materials will look. It also includes display units with shelves, drawers and panels that make it easy to organise and display products.

Modular display solutions

Our modular display solutions are designed to offer maximum flexibility and adaptability in the presentation of building materials. These solutions allow exhibition spaces to be configured and reconfigured according to the changing needs of the showroom, optimising the use of space and facilitating the updating of displays.

Technical walls

Take advantage of your showroom walls to install technical panels that allow you to display tiles and other materials. Our Milan Wall series, a set of accessories and displays that you can combine together to create technical areas, is an excellent option for designing attractive and functional compositions without taking up additional space.

How to renovate your tile and materials showroom without building work?

The centrepiece of Milan Wall is a slotted wall, adjustable in height and length, designed to fit any building materials display space. With this structure, you can quickly hang the accessories of the series, facilitating a clear and direct display of your products without the need for a complete construction site.

Technical benches

On the other hand, technical benches for displaying single pieces are also useful to keep your showroom of building materials up to date. In our catalogue you have three options available: UP!, I Nostri Banchi and Minimal.

This way, you can display a wide variety of small format pieces or pieces with special geometric shapes and, at the same time, have an area where you can attend to your customers. Moreover, thanks to its system of drawers with slots or panels, you can change the samples quickly and easily whenever you want to present a new collection.

Banco técnico para exponer azulejos de INSCA


Ceramotecas are modular shelves that allow a clear and orderly display of the tiles to attract the attention of customers to their details. In our catalogue you will find three types of series: Ceramoteca UP, Tile Library and Ceramotecas.

Each of these series of wing rack tile display is designed to maximise space and allow for an elegant and efficient presentation of your ceramic products. Ceramotecas not only facilitate organisation, but also provide a practical way to display a wide variety of samples in a way that is accessible and attractive to customers.

Arredobagno UP!

Our Arredobagno Up! series is specifically designed to display sanitaryware, taps, basins and bathroom accessories in an organised way. This way, you can choose the compositions that best suit your business.

Therefore, you have shelves supported by a metal structure, wall-mounted display panels for shower systems and fixed or rotating bathroom taps. And, in turn, we have included a series of display tables for washbasins and bathroom taps. All with the aim of showcasing your products.

Magnet walls

An innovative option for displaying small tiles is the wall of magnets that INSCA designs and manufactures to measure. The magnets allow a dynamic presentation, changing the arrangement of the pieces easily and offering an interactive experience to the visitors.

Displays for materials with interactive technology

Digital tools not only modernise your showroom, but also facilitate decision making and improve interaction with products. In addition, these technologies allow you to keep your display up to date without the need for building work.

I.RIS, sistema inteligente y digital para exponer azulejos

One of the main benefits of interactive technology is advanced visualisation capabilities. Systems such as our I.RIS intelligent digital tile display system allow customers to see how the materials would look in a real environment, using digital displays.

Ceramic and sanitaryware display ambiences

To revamp your display, it is essential to focus on creating themed environments. An effective strategy to achieve this is to incorporate living areas that inspire customers by showing them how the products can be integrated into their own spaces.

 ambientes cerámicos y expositores de azulejos

At INSCA, we offer standard solutions within our catalogue with the Tubestile series that will help you recreate spaces to inspire your visitors. These systems are made up of a set of ceramic ambiences and tile displays that allow you to display differentiated spaces divided by theme. In addition, they are quick to install, with no need for building work.

On the other hand, in these display solutions you have the possibility of incorporating lighting so that you do not have to modify or change the electrical installation of your building materials showroom.

In short, updating your tile and building materials showroom without building work is possible with careful planning and the use of smart, modular display solutions. At INSCA, we help you showcase your products in the best possible way and create an exceptional shopping experience for your customers. Contact us to find out how we can transform your showroom.

Irene Delgado