28 January, 2022

New in the online catalogue: the UP! series of technical workbenches for tiles


Technical workbenches are one of the most versatile solutions. This is because the customer service area is forms an integral part of the tile display rack.

In our online catalogue, INSCA presents the new UP! series of technical workbenches for tiles. It features several independent modules that can be combined with each other to create your ideal technical workbench. As an example, we include three different builds: Composición 144, Composición 147, and Composición 148.

All the tile display stands of the UP! series are fully customisable. You can choose between an Old Oak wood finish, black metal or Vicenza wood, oak with a natural finish, and white metal. Module dimensions can also be chosen according to the width which best suits your needs: drawer widths of 61, 71, 81 and 101 cm. The trays have an opening of 61.5 cm.

The technical workbenches for ceramic tiles from the UP! series present an industrial aesthetic, in line with the Tubestile display units and the UP! tile libraries. The metal finish of the structure, available in white or black, gives the tile display a lighter feel.

Visual continuity and great capacity unite in these technical workbenches for ceramic tiles

These ceramic display systems maintain visual continuity in your ceramic showroom and are perfect for central areas or more technical areas where you serve your visitors.

In addition, the modules of the UP! series have a large sample storage capacity and facilitate the organisation of pieces of different formats and materials. Among the various combinable modules to choose from are drawer systems, flat or slotted trays, closed, open or semi-open fronts, as well as sliding solutions that are easily integrated.

The surface of the technical workbenches for ceramics is non-slip and highly resistant to friction, so it is also suitable for displaying samples, using accessories such as cradles or inclined planes.

Perfect for creating architectural projects

Technical workbenches are also in great demand among professionals in architecture, decoration or interior design. Thanks to the infinity of samples that can be stored in them and their ease of organisation, they are perfect for comparing materials and choosing the most suitable for each project.

They also improve customer experience of your studio, since they facilitate communication, the orderly presentation of projects and a fluid exchange of opinions. And, of course, all this translates into an improvement in your economic returns.

Lorena Rodriguez