4 June, 2021

Komori, our new floor tile display without board


If you want to make a difference in your showroom with a different floor tile display, we invite you to discover Komori.

At INSCA we like to innovate and create trends. That is why we are now presenting our new display for ceramic showrooms: Komori. It is a floor tile display that allows you to show several tiles simultaneously in the same space. A fantastic solution to make a difference in your ceramic showroom.

Komori, the new floor tile display
Komori is a multi-format, panel-free floor tile display.

A multi-format display

Komori is a medium height tile display that supports different formats. In this way, you can make different compositions to present up to 12 samples at the same time. You can adjust it to include, for example, 90×90, 100×100, 50×100, 60×120 or 120×120 tiles.

Versatility and comfort are guaranted by this new INSCA cabinet. A model designed by our creative team that follows a divergent aesthetic to offer you multiple solutions.

Komori, the new floor tile display
In this floor tile display they seem to be suspended in mid-air.

Tiles suspended in the air

Our new ceramic display has a solid metal structure in the central axis. The different adjustable arms come out of the central structure to place the loose tiles. The tiles on Komori seem to be suspended in the air, as if they were flying. They don’t need a panel and open freely.

Komori, el nuevo expositor de pavimentos
As this is a multi-format floor tile display, you can include pieces of different sizes.

Now you know how Komori is, if you want to receive more information about this floor tile display, we invite you to contact us. As always, at INSCA we help you to move forward, to improve the sales of your tile display.

Lorena Rodriguez