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Technical workbenches made by INSCA
I Nostri Banchi, el primer banco de trabajo de INSCA
INSCA technical tables are highly versatile professional furniture. The work areas are integrated into the tile display unit itself. They are ideal for specifying proposals and compositions with the client. Mixing different colours, textures, finishes and complementary materials allows the client to visualise the final result.

At INSCA we have developed two ranges: I Nostri Banchi and UP! They have different designs, but both are modular and allow a choice of finishes.
I Nostri Banchi

I Nostri Banchi is the first technical workbench we designed at INSCA. We could say that it is a classic of our company. It stands out for its solid yet elegant and simple design.

It is a modular design and storage table. You can choose the modules you want to combine them and have a technical bench adapted to the space of your showroom or studio.
Technical area
All our benches have a non-slip vinyl carpeted surface that makes it easy to place and move samples without damaging the surface.
Tile display
As the modules can be combined with each other, you can include drawer units, semi-open fronts and other accessories to make your work easier.
UP! Series
The UP! bench is the latest model we have created at INSCA. It has the same advantages as I Nostri Banchi, but its style is more industrial, like Tubestile range and Up! tile library. The metal structure fits perfectly with wood finishes, and you also have the option of choosing the modules you want to combine them with each other.
Visual continuity
Benches provide visual continuity in a tile showroom. They are perfect for central areas or technical areas where you serve your customers.
At INSCA we have drawer units, trays, flat or slotted, open, semi-open or closed fronts, and sliding systems that can be integrated into the technical table.
High capacity and organisation
The large storage capacity of the workbenches is one of their main advantages. They can hold pieces of different formats, sizes and textures.
Furthermore, thanks to the systems we design and manufacture at INSCA, all the samples are perfectly organised, so that the space is tidy and the work is speeded up.
Different finishing options

The I Nostri Banchi series is monochromatic. You can choose the finishes in white, black, silver, anthracite and wood colour.

In the UP! model you can also choose the finishes, although the combination of black metal and wood is ideal.
Accessories to complement
On the non-slip top of our technical benches you can place different display accessories, such as slotted bases or inclined planes.

At INSCA we have a wide variety of options to choose from.
Design and systems made by INSCA
Workbenches are part of INSCA's catalogue of display and technical solutions. Like all our products, they are designed to make your work easier and help you grow, with value engineering systems and manufactured with top quality materials. They are INSCA, and you can tell it. Ask us for the catalogue!



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