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The best selection of large format tile displays
Slabs and large format tiles appeared as a trend and has consolidated. Large tiles provide spaciousness, create a sense of continuity and speed up construction times.
The success of large format tiles is indisputable, which is why they already occupy privileged places in ceramic showrooms. At INSCA we are aware of how important it is to have the best large format displays in your showroom, and we present you our best selection.
Maxi Tiles, has become a classic
Our range Maxi Tiles has become a benchmark for displaying ceramic wall and floor tiles in XL and XXL formats. It is self-supporting and multi-format. It has extensible panels that allow to display different slab’s sizes, in the same cabinet, such as 240x120 cm, 260x120 cm, 300x100 cm and 320x160.
UTAH, the display that adapts to the tiles
UTAH is INSCA's tile display model whose size is adjusted to the size of the tile. It is self-supporting. We have two types depending on the size of the slab you want to show: 240x120 cm, 260x120 cm, 300x100 cm and 320x160 cm.
One of the highlights of the UTAH is its design. It combines robustness with the simplicity of “less is more”. It is very easy to handle and has an optional grooved base in stainless steel or painted metal.
CIRCUS, the INSCA's circular display
CIRCUS is one of the most original tile displays we have designed at INSCA. It is circular, double-sided, multiformat and self-supporting. It has wheels, which makes it easy to move and to display the tiles.
This tile display has different types of rails that allow to show different formats: 120x120 cm, 90x180 cm, 240x120 cm and 260x120 cm. In the centre we have included a system that facilitates the rotation of the tiles with total comfort.
KANSAS, large format in a small space
The last model we have selected from the tile display units for large format is KANSAS display. One of the main advantages of this tile display unit is the small space it takes up, as the rail system allows the tiles to be easily slided with total comfort, while making it easy to compare different collections at the same time.
KANSAS is a self-supporting, multiformat, single side or double side display unit for ceramic wall and floor tiles, and can hold slabs of different thicknesses. It is elegant and can display tiles of different formats: 120x120 cm, 90x180 cm, 240x120 cm and 300x100 cm.
Like all INSCA’s display solutions, our large format selection is designed and manufactured to enhance the selling experience for all our customers. They are functional, robust and comfortable, with no faults or deterioration through use or over time.
We are INSCA and in all our developments we assume the same commitment: to provide the best display solutions to boost sales. We make selling easier.



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