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Onda, 1028 m2

This original passageway welcomes us to the Ecoceramic showroom. The company has once again placed its trust in us to make an impact and surprise. This time it has done so with the reform of the entrance area of the ceramic exhibition. As always, at INSCA we have been involved to the maximum. The arrangement of the elements allows the visitor to view a large part of the ceramic exhibition from the entrance. The structures of the passageway follow the line of Ecoceramic's home, although with single-slope roofs that are integrated into the whole space. With this redesign we have created a sense of depth that invites you to dive into the showroom to discover each of its collections. The walls of the structure are perfect for displaying ceramic tiles and also generate amplitude and favour the visibility of a showroom of 1028 square metres. We have managed to improve the display capacity by integrating a total of twenty areas with ceramic tile surfaces into the hallway. We have also developed a new working area for samples, with different display furniture; a workbench for single tiles, shelves and a surface for ceramic flooring. We have covered the latter with vinyl carpeting, ideal for placing the pieces safely and without damage to the floor. The best thing about the refurbishment of this showroom has been the LED lighting that runs along the roofs of the showroom and which has been designed by the Ecoceramic team. A brilliant success for an exhibition that highlights the value of the ceramics of an innovative, sustainable and committed company.


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