30 May, 2022

INSCA to sponsor the VIII Andimac Congress in support of the distribution sector


“Helping our clients to advance means supporting them in every way, which means supporting the distribution sector by taking part in initiatives that improve its competitiveness”.

On the 8th and 9th of June, the Valencia Fair will gather together the main national distributors at the VIII Andimac National Congress entitled “Professional distribution 3.0., from warehouses to solution centres for construction and restoration”.

INSCA will be sponsoring the event for the first time. “We are very clear that helping our clients to advance and to grow does not only entail offering them display solutions that help them to increase their sales, but it also entails supporting them as a sector, backing events that promote the innovation, expansion and transformation of distribution companies for building materials”, explains INSCA manager Pascual Ibáñez.

In this way, as the leading company in tile display stands, INSCA will have its own space in which to interact with participants and carry out some active listening. “The building materials sector is evolving and, at INSCA, we are clear that we want to be a trusted partner for distributors, the provider that helps them during their process of growth”.

Andimac Congress: A focus on the future

The programme presented at the Andimac Congress accentuates issues that are of great interest to the sector, such as the Next Generation Funds, commercial transformation and the challenges of professional distribution.

The conference on the Point of Sale and the experience of a professional client being presented by Miquel Lozano, Pablo Ferreiros and Óscar Sánchez deserves a special mention. “At a time like the present, offering the best experience at exhibitions is a determining factor for increasing sales. Exhibiting is not the same as knowing how to exhibit”, Ibáñez emphasises.

You can consult the programme for the Congress on this link. If you have not registered yet and would like to attend, you can use the code ANDIINSCA in your registration. We look forward to seeing you at the Congress!

Lorena Rodriguez