1 March, 2023

INSCA presents the first display with underfloor heating at Cevisama


One of the great advantages of exhibitions or points of sale is that you can offer a close treatment and a different experience when presenting materials.

At INSCA we know this well, which is why at Cevisama 2023 we have presented the first display of the Experience series, in which we have included an underfloor heating installation.

INSCA introduces the first radiant display in the Tubestile series

Specifically, we have included the underfloor heating system in Isla Corner 240×120. In this way, in a self-supporting environment such as Tubestile, you can combine the aesthetic presentation of the ceramic product with the functional one, so that your customers can touch the tile and feel its heat thanks to the integrated heating system.

In addition, if you also sell heating systems, the environment is perfect for cross-selling ceramic tiles and underfloor heating solutions. It is even ideal if you want to showcase efficient systems so that your customers can learn more about the installation, the comfort and the benefits it brings them.

INSCA’s tubestile environments, the exhibition solution that generates most sales

Ambiences are the display system that generates the most sales at an exhibition. And they are because your customers can see the final ambience of how the composition will look in their residential or commercial space.

Tubestile atmospheres, as well as showing floor and wall tiles, allow you to create these real bathroom or decoration settings. This also encourages cross-selling of several products at the same time.

At INSCA we have created the Tubestile series of islands. These are tubular, self-supporting environments that do not require building work and are easy to assemble. You have at your disposal solutions of different dimensions depending on the space you have available.

The first radiant display presented by INSCA in Cevisama

Tubestile islands have a sturdy, lightweight metal structure, with panels in which you can include a wired partition wall if you prefer. You also have the option of adding light to each room.

It is in these islands, specifically in the Corner Island 240×120, where we have included the first underfloor heating system so that your customers can feel the warmth of ceramic, an excellent conductive material for heating systems. In addition, if you also market climate products, it is perfect for you to show the real application and your customers can show it.

If you would like to ask for a quote for Tubestile rooms with underfloor heating, just request it here.

Irene Delgado