26 July, 2021

INSCA introduces new forms of display to improve sales of ceramics and building materials


INSCA: “we innovate in the sector of ceramics and bathroom displays to improve the purchase and sales experience”

Exports of ceramics have grown 30 % in the first quarter of 2021. The renovation sector is predicted to grow 6% this year alone and 1,5 million homes are expected to be renovated in Spain. The outlook is good for a business ecosystem which has managed to become stronger in adverse conditions.

In this context, the tile manufacturing and building materials distribution sector are facing new realities in which selling more and having a better image is key. Displays and the point of sale therefore become a lever for conversion.

For that reason, now is the time to move forward to take advantages of the synergies of the market, improve positioning and financial performance.

At INSCA we commit 100 %. Our new website is the entry door to change. Once again, we innovate in the sector of tile, bathroom and building material displays, and we do it by focussing on what’s important: improving the experience and financial performance in displays and points of sale or meeting points.

The new INSCA website is responsive and offers an excellent user experience.

INSCA Experience: display solutions focussed on customers’ business objectives

If innovation in the sector has previously focussed on the development of display furniture for ceramics and bathrooms, now we also place the focus onto developing solutions that boost our customers’ sales. That is our main competitive advantage and the added value that makes us stand out in the market.

To achieve it, we have a catalogue with models adapted to current trends and new materials, in addition to focussing on creating display spaces and solutions that help our customers to grow.

Display trends for ceramics and building materials

Purchasing habits and ways of purchasing have changed over the last year in the building materials sector. Although internet sales have not sky rocketed, the online channel has become an opportunity for offline conversion. 

This is because people search for information on the internet so when customers attend a physical space, they have a clear intention to make a purchase.  They don’t want to waste time. Ensuring they have the best shopping experience is the key to the success of the operation.

That’s why the trends in building materials displays come about from developing solutions from a holistic, global perspective.

With know-how resulting from forty years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of display systems, here at INSCA we work on interior design and commercial equipment, creating solutions that connect with the customer, conveying the value of the brand and facilitating the commercial work.

INSCA we work on interior design and commercial equipment, creating solutions that connect with the customer,

Good practices to boost sales in your exhibition

Display solutions, equipment and commercial interior design have a direct influence on the customer experience and purchase decision. The general advice you should bear in mind is as follows:

  1. Functional, current and attractive design of the display or point of sale to convey the brand values and create a pleasant space.
  2. Optimum distribution of tile displays, bathroom and building materials to facilitate the commercial work and improve the customer experience.
  3. Create suitable working spaces for the human team.
  4. Perfectly designed strategic routes that invite people to discover the collections, where transit is comfortable, without any obstacles.
  5. Systems that make it easy to keep products tidy and organised by newest products, size, trends or types.
  6. Creation of environments with combinations that allow people to see the end result, with displays that enhance the environments. 
  7. Display furniture for ceramics, toilets and building materials that are easy to manage, robust enough to support weight and in which the product is the protagonist.
  8. Suitable lighting, décor and temperature between 20 and 23 ºC.
  9. Omnichannel retailing and digital solutions that favour connectivity at the point of sale.
  10. Good selection and attractive placement of your products to achieve a visually attractive result.
  11. Generation of creative spaces capable of surprising visitors.

Interior design and commercial equipment enable us to create a link with the customer so they have a positive perception of the brand and are interested in the product. However, interior design cannot be conceived from design alone, it is necessary to have systems with high performance technology, performance guarantees, quality finishes and quality materials. You also need efficient solutions and fast responses, which only a partner with experience, a great team and a manufacturing plant of its own can offer.

It is important that a tile showroom conveys the values of the brand so that the customer identifies them.

It’s time to move forward, welcome to INSCA

Welcome to INSCA. We have been experts in display solutions and commercial interior design for ceramics and building materials for over 40 years. We have a team comprising more than 50 professionals from different disciplines, including architecture, interior design, engineering, décor, carpentry, assembly, logistics, painting…

As market leaders, we invite you to take a look at our product catalogue and be inspired by our projects. We invite you to get to know us, get in touch and tell us your concerns and trust us to improve your financial performance.

It’s been proven: 100% of our customers sell more after renovating their displays. Do you want to be one of them and offer an INSCA experience?

Lorena Rodriguez