1 September, 2021

INSCA, Andimac’s new member for innovation


The company, which is a specialist in displays of ceramic and showrooms systems tile and bathroom showroom solutions, joins the largest national association of building materials distributors as an industry member.

The big brands club of Andimac has a new industrial member: INSCA. The company is an expert in the design, development and manufacture of tile displays solutions and it has joined the National Association of Ceramic Tile and Building Materials.

The strategic agreement between these two organisations will benefit every member. INSCA will bring their know-how to Andimac members in orderto “help them to optimise their displays of ceramic tiles, bathrooms and building materials. This will enable them to improve the buying and selling experience, as well as the economic results of this” explains Pascual Ibáñez, CEO at INSCA.  

This strategic agreement comes at a decisive time for companies specialising in the distribution of ceramic tiles and building materials, when the sector is facing a number of challenges and when there are opportunities to take advantage of.

On the one hand, the digital transformation of companies is unstoppable. This also implies the need to gain excellence in the shopping experience: displays and points of sale need to be adapted to current consumer habits and facilitate the purchasing process.

In fact, INSCA specialises in the design, development and manufacture of displays and exhibition solutions for points of sale, so their input to members may provide very positive contribution to help them to position themselves within the market.

On the other hand, as Sebastián Molinero, General Secretary of Andimac explains, an injection of aid through European funds for restoring the growth of the sector is anticipated. “These funds will come with new business opportunities, and we should make all possible resources available so that distributing companies can take full advantage of them”.  

Through this collaboration agreement, INSCA and Andimac will develop joint actions that will enable members to optimise their displays and points of sale. The aim is to help members to improve the experience they offer in their showrooms in order to achieve higher sales.   

Lorena Rodriguez