15 July, 2022

The groundbreaking concept of the new Ascer exhibition

Exposición cerámica de ASCER diseñada y fabricada por INSCA

The Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (Ascer) has entrusted INSCA with the remodelling of the new ASCER exhibition at its headquarters. And it has done so with an innovative concept by transforming the space into an educational and dissemination centre immersed in a relaxed atmosphere where ceramics is the common thread and is shown in a diverse way in different applications.

The design of the ceramic showroom is inspired by Kerápolis, the website developed by Ascer in which the different spaces of a city are toured with real examples of ceramic applications.

Vista trasera de la nueva exposición de ASCER hecha por INSCA

Thus, from the moment you enter the exhibition you feel as if you are entering a landscaped city that breathes life and from which you can see the different spaces created according to the multiple uses that a material such as ceramics can have.

The strength of a grandstand, the warmth of a home, the elegance of an office, the versatility of a shop, the beauty of a spa or the sophistication of a chic restaurant space, and at the centre, the strength of ceramic-clad street furniture.

Banco urbano de la exposición de ASCER

Everything is very visual and accessible, with the particularity of the ease with which each space can be adapted and updated. “Precisely, one of the requirements when carrying out this project was that it should not be outdated in time, and that it should be able to adapt and update with the constant movements of the sector, its innovations and the new ceramic solutions that are appearing“, Ascer explains.

Zona de market de la exposición de ASCER
Detalle de la zona de market de la exposición de ASCER
Espacio de co-working de la nueva exposición de ASCER

The furniture in the exhibition is from Kontorstil, the office furniture distribution company of the INSCA group.

A meeting point and information space for ASCER’s new exhibition

Thus, Ascer point’s out that the new exhibition is a place “for all audiences”, children, young and old; technicians and citizens; women and men… “we wanted everyone to understand the importance of the ceramic cluster in our cities, specifically in Castellón, understanding the importance of our sector in a transversal way”.

Detalle de pieza de cerámica en 3D de la exposición de ASCER

In addition, the educational centre has been conceived as a meeting point for different professionals, and at the same time an informative space where uses, benefits, advantages, novelties, innovations and research into ceramic tiles can be discovered.

Banco de trabajo de la nueva exposición de ASCER
Vista trasera de la nueva exposición de ASCER hecha por INSCA

The creation of EXPO ASCER Espacio divulgativo creativo is an initiative that has been supported by the Conselleria de Hacienda y Modelo Económico of the Generalitat Valenciana through the financing of the Agreement between the Generalitat and Ascer.

Lorena Rodriguez