6 April, 2022

Dawan Group is INSCA’s new agent in Israel

Israel is one of the five most promising international economic markets for the ceramics sector in 2022.

That’s why, here at INSCA, we have a new agent that will represent us in Israel, Dawan Group.

Dawan Group is a well-known ceramics agent that represents the top tile brands in Israel. From now on, in addition to ceramics, it will also sell INSCA’s display solutions.

“We believe that the agreement we have reached with Dawan Group will enable us to be closer to Israeli distributors, and therefore help them to increase their sales thanks to our display systems” notes Pascual Ibáñez, CEO of INSCA.

The excellent finishes of  INSCA’s tile display furniture and the company’s industrial and logistics capacity have been decisive in reaching an agreement. “In Israel, the tile market continues to grow and distributors need to display their ceramic products attractively to create a positive experience in their stores and have systems available which are adapted to the different formats they work with. Ultimately, they need displays that allow them to stand out and improve profits, they need INSCA’s services” Ibáñez points out

Thanks to this agreement, Dawan Group will sell both bespoke projects for the display of tiles and tile displays from the INSCA catalogue, the largest in the world.