19 April, 2023

Coverings starts up, the great showcase for the construction sector in the United States


Spanish and American companies have trusted INSCA to present their materials at Coverings, the main trade fair for the tile and natural stone sector in the United States.

From 18 to 21 April, Orlando has become the world epicentre of the tile sector. Coverings is the event in which more than 70 Spanish companies are participating in order to gain market share in the United States.

At INSCA we have been in charge of the design, manufacture and assembly of the display systems for tiles and construction materials for a large part of the stands of the Spanish companies that attend the event with their own decoration. Even the stand of some American companies.

In order to offer the best service, a team of more than 50 professionals has travelled to Orlando to set up the stands of our clients.

Tile display systems by INSCA at Coverings

The Coverings stands are bespoke projects that allow us to showcase the great new products presented by our clients in a small space and transmit the strengths of each brand. 

Arranca Coverings, el gran escaparate del sector de la construcción en EE. UU.

At INSCA we know how important it is to have display solutions adapted to the material to be exhibited. In this way, we guarantee the correct and safe display of the product as well as increasing its value in international fairs as important as Coverings.

How is the tile sector growing in the United States? (H2)

The Coverings fair, which starts today at the Orange County Convention Center, is one of the main meeting points for construction-related sectors in the United States. Moreover, there is a favourable evolution of the tile market in this country and Spanish companies are betting on it.

For example, according to the ICEX Coverings 2022 fair report, “71.6% of US tile consumption comes from imports”. In this sense, Spain is one of the main countries of origin of these imports with 24.3% of the total imports made by the United States, according to the study in 2022. Therefore, the US is one of the Tile of Spain’s preferred sectors.

On the other hand, the figures for the natural stone sector confirm that the US market is essential for Spanish companies. “US imports of natural stone accounted for 84 % of consumption in 2021, with Spain being the sixth country of origin of imports”, according to ICEX.

Predictions for the future of the tile industry in the USA (H3)

The tile sector is gaining market share in the United States. The construction and renovation sector is growing despite the economic climate. In fact, a positive increase is expected in the USA thanks to the growing demand for single-family home construction. Tiles, for example, are durable, rigid and environmentally friendly materials, making them a must-have product for new architectural projects.

“Tiles are a popular cladding material in the United States and are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens and other household spaces and commercial areas”.

Coverings starts up, the great showcase for the construction sector in the United States

In this respect, ceramic is gaining ground over other materials. Trends in the tile market include:

  1. Wood-look ceramic tiles.
  2. Hexagonal tiles to create eye-catching designs.
  3. Large format tiles to create a sense of spaciousness and elegance.
  4. Stone effect tiles that mimic the look of marble, granite or travertine for floors and worktops.
  5. Tiles with geometric, floral or abstract patterns to add a unique and personalised touch to rooms.

At INSCA we have a catalogue of displays for tiles, bathrooms and construction materials with more than 1000 references in which the undisputed protagonist is the product of our customers. In addition, we have designed the different display solutions according to trends and cultures around the world. Contact us!

What services do we offer you for your trade fair stand?

Our work at the Coverings trade fair serves as an example to explain the services we offer our clients when developing the integral project for their stands:

  1. We take care of the design, manufacture and assembly of the stand.
  2. We have our own assembly team that travels to the different international trade fairs to guarantee the best results. For example, for Coverings, we have sent a team of 58 professionals to Orlando.
  3. The ephemeral architecture projects we carry out are original and functional, focused on improving sales at international events.
  4. We study market trends and look for the best way to display products in each stand for ceramic fairs.
  5. We apply market intelligence, value engineering and innovation in tile display systems to our display solutions.
  6. We demand the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) seals from our suppliers to guarantee the sustainability of our raw materials.

In short, during Coverings, our customers will be presenting many new products and we have taken care of creating the display solutions to match their collections in order to help them grow in the American market. So, if you want a stand for the next international fair and you want to increase your sales, contact us!

Irene Delgado