15 September, 2021

The key to increase the sales of your ceramic showroom lies in “Show your best”


“In a competitive market, where the ceramics and refurbishment market is booming, at INSCA we know that there is only one option: and that is not to settle for doing things just right.”

Today’s ceramics market is worth billions of euros worldwide. Competition is high for both manufacturers and distributors, and they all share common goals: to improve their market position, to grow and to increase their sales rate. They all want to move forward, and that is when the question arises as to how they can achieve this. At INSCA we have all the answers.

Nowadays it is no longer enough to have a showroom where you can just put tiles on ceramic display units. Now you have to think about how to get the most out of every square metre.  

For this reason, at INSCA we present a new concept: “Show your best”, created to offer solutions in tile and bathroom display that allow us to improve our clients’ sales.  

"Show your best" the new concept of INSCA

And we do this because we are aware of the investment involved in opening or renovating a showroom, because your customers have very high standards, and because your economic results depend on the way you show your product.

Today, a tile showroom has to be created to offer an unbeatable shopping experience and, of course, also a sales experience. This is how you will make your customers fall in love with you and your sales team will be more productive.

We are aware of how important the right choice of supplier is in the design of the project, commercial equipment, manufacture and assembly. That is why we know that we are your reliable partner, the company that will help you grow and accompany you in your expansion.

The importance of a ceramic showroom to match your brand

What’s the point of putting effort into updating collections and formats or getting good prices if the commercial equipment in your showroom is not up to your brand’s standards?

Bear in mind that the showroom is the meeting place for distributors and manufacturers with their respective customers. Therefore, offering the best buying and selling experience should be one of your main objectives as a company that wants to grow. You will only be able to achieve this if you have the right display solutions that are able to enhance the value of your ceramic product and highlight your brand.

Show your best so you connect with every customer

At INSCA we have created “Show your best”. A concept that brings together our know-how of more than forty years of experience, backed by a client portfolio of leading ceramic manufacturers and distributors from all over the world.

The first thing we do when a client calls us to open or renovate their showroom is to study the project in depth. Before we start, we analyse it not only to find out what they want, but rather to find out what they need to improve the profitability of their showroom.

Based on the information we obtain, our design team begins to develop proposals for the project. We study a design proposal based on what our client’s space is like, their brand, the values by which they differentiate themselves in the market or the type of product they display, among other issues.

In all INSCA projects, the route is strategically designed to generate a good experience, the environments and tile displays are perfectly integrated, the design is attractive and functional, organisation and order are prioritised.

Our aim is to create a showroom where everything fits together so that our clients enjoy the experience of selling and their customers enjoy the experience of buying.

Once the project is ready, we deliver a 3D proposal to our clients for their approval. If they agree, our technical department team carries out the development and then manufactures it in our own facilities.

When everything is ready, it is INSCA’s logistics team who arranges the shipment while the assembly team prepares to travel to the customer’s facilities. We work anywhere in the world.

How are INSCA’s exhibition solutions different?

In everything, both in customised projects and in the ceramic display units in our catalogue.

Both INSCA’s made-to-measure solutions and the standard tile display units in our catalogue are developed so that the product takes centre stage, the pieces can be easily interchanged, they are easy to handle, they are able to support the weight of the ceramic product, they adapt to the thickness of each piece, they can accommodate various formats, they are customised according to the brand values, etc.

We take care of every detail of the finishes, we apply value engineering, we work with top quality raw materials, we have a team of more than 150 professionals, we invest in technology and we have more than 40 years of experience. That’s why, when it’s INSCA, it shows.

Continuous innovation, the key to our leadership

The result of INSCA’s work is an exhibition in which the brand comes to life and connects with customers. And we achieve this because INSCA’s exhibitions and display furniture have a soul, they are a sign of identity.

We always tell our clients to keep creating, innovating and making sure that this sector never stops moving forward. At INSCA we will continue to innovate, design and generate experiences to show your creations to the world as they deserve. Because it is time to move forward. And because there is only one way to grow: to show the best of yourself, hence our new “Show your best”.

INSCA at the Cersaie trade fair

Finally, it is worth mentioning that INSCA has its own stand at the Cersaie fair. This year we have changed the location and we will be located in Hall 28/ Stand B16.

The INSCA stand is inspired by our new “Show your best” and there we will present the new models of tile displays and environments for displaying ceramics, those that we do not yet have in the catalogue or on the web.

We look forward to seeing you at Cersaie!

INSCA's location at Cersaie is different from other years.
The INSCA stand at Cersaie is located in Hall 28 / Stand B16.

Lorena Rodriguez