3 July, 2024

5 benefits of the technical bench for ceramics Minimal series


Discover Minimal Work Bench, the technical bench for ceramics in our catalogue with LED lighting, soft close and a push system on the drawers.

Small format tiles, such as 7.5 x 30 cm and 20 x 20 cm, continue to be a trend in the market so far this year. Now, tiles with natural and textured finishes, as well as geometric patterns and colours that add a touch of sophistication and dynamism to indoor and outdoor spaces are particularly popular.

Do you want to present this format in an orderly and elegant way in your building materials showroom, point of sale or studio? At INSCA we have the Minimal series, the technical bench with a minimalist design for displaying ceramic products that includes LED lighting in the lower part of the tile display, as well as a push and soft-close system in the drawer units.

5 beneficios del banco técnico para cerámica de la serie Minimal

What are the advantages of our Minimal Work Bench in your display?

With a minimalist design that combines simplicity, purity, functionality and balance, this technical bench for small format display is the perfect solution if you are looking for an elegant and efficient display. Here’s why.

Banco para exponer cerámica
Banco para exponer cerámica
Banco para exponer cerámica
Banco para exponer cerámica Minimal
Banco para exponer cerámica Minimal
Banco para exponer cerámica Minimal
Banco para exponer cerámica
Expositores para exponer pequeño formato
Expositores para materiales de construcción
Banco para exponer cerámica

Modular technical bench for ceramics

The Minimal Work Bench display for building materials is modular so that it can be adapted to any exhibition space and any display need. And what does this mean?

Its versatile design has different modules with 2, 3, 4 or 6 drawers, available with smooth or grooved shelves, which you can combine with each other. This variety allows you to create multiple customised designs according to the specific needs of your showroom, point of sale or studio.

5 benefits of the technical bench for ceramics Minimal series

For example, at INSCA we have created three example layouts (187, 188 and 189) which are just a sample of the infinite configurations that can be achieved, allowing our customers to design their own bespoke display space.

Customisable display stand for small format displays

One of the advantages of this tile display is its capacity for customisation. In this sense, you have the option of including LED lighting at the base of the unit to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere that captures the attention of your customers.

On the other hand, you can choose the width of the drawer between 30 or 60 cm. Please note that the 30 cm option must be screwed to the wall or to another 60 cm module to ensure stability. Also, the maximum thickness of the tiles must not exceed 12 mm, with a maximum weight of 40 kg per drawer.

For its part, the Minimal series offers combinations of melamine finishes that adapt to different decorative styles: Crown Basalt-Black, Cement Apollo-Anthracite and Chromix White-White. If you want another finish, you can consult with us. You can also choose whether you want the top of the unit to be finished in bolon or if you want us to veneer it with a ceramic piece from your collection.

This flexibility of options allows this display solution for displaying building materials to adapt to the aesthetics and needs of your products.

Enhance the customer’s shopping experience

INSCA’s ceramic display units are designed with the user experience in mind.

In this case, the drawer units of the Minimal small-format tile display units are equipped with a push system (opening by ejection) in which we have combined hinges and pressure-sensitive retainers that are activated with a light touch. In addition, we have incorporated a damped closing system to close the drawers without any sudden shocks.

Thus, the push and soft-close system improves both the sales experience for the worker and the shopping experience for the customer by offering a smooth and effortless user experience, avoiding bumps, noises and prolonging the life of the drawers.

At INSCA we want you to enjoy the experience of selling and to do so with the security of trusting a company with 45 years of experience. Because when it’s INSCA, it shows.

Easy to change samples

The modularity and design of the Minimal Work Bench make it easy to update the exhibits on display. An example of this is the slotted drawers or the drawers with anti-slip finish so that you can place and remove products quickly and easily.

On the other hand, the surface of this technical bench for ceramics is non-slip and highly resistant to friction, so you can also use it to include accessories for samples such as cradles or inclined planes.

This is crucial for maintaining a dynamic and attractive building materials showroom. The ability to quickly change samples allows you to always have the latest trends available for your customers.

Create technical zones in a materials showroom

The Minimal Work Bench is ideal for creating technical zones in building material showrooms, retail outlets, or architectural and interior design studios. Its design allows for an organised and attractive display of ceramic products, decorations, bricks, stones and parquet.

In this sense, thanks to the infinite number of samples that can be stored and the ease of organisation, they are perfect for comparing materials. Moreover, with the option of including stools, they facilitate communication and the exchange of opinions.

In short, the Minimal ceramic bench is an example of our commitment to innovation and quality in display solutions for building materials. Its minimalist design, together with its features such as LED lighting, push system and soft-close closure, make it an ideal choice for any exhibition space.

Contact us and we will help you configure the technical bench for small format display that best suits your needs. Remember, small format continues to be a trend this year.

Irene Delgado