Exhibitors for samples of ceramic tiles panels.



Wide range of models to design and distribute any point of sale or showroom.


Displays for samples of ceramic pavement.



Lot of different models for each kind of tiles size.


Displays for special size of ceramic tiles panels.



Lot of different possibilities and combination for sliding panels display.


Displays for large ceramic tiles panels.



We offer you a new and different way to show your ceramic tiles.

Maxi Tiles

The best solution to show any kind of format.



Create your Maxi tiles display without any limits of length and height


Classic displays of INSCA's production.



Characterized by a great visual impact and a high quantity of ceramic tiles panels who can be lodged.

I Nostri banchi

Working table focused for profesionnal use.



Available in a large variety of different moduls, you can create the system mostly adapted to your needs.


Files display solution for ceramic pieces.



Combining some of our different modules, you can customize your own solution for any format.

Milan Wall

Technical wall customizable to your needs.



A plenty of solutions to show ceramic tiles without any panels request and adaptable for all format.


Development of new exhibition systems.



We offer you the possibility to design any kind of display to satisfy all your needs.


A series dedicated specifically to bathing and fixtures.



Plenty varieties of options and combinations to allow you to show a large quantity of products.

Cersaie 2017

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